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Adcom – the tech gadgets and accessories manufacturers are a young tech enthusiast that works to enhance its end user experience by through its exclusive & innovative tech lifestyle products. 

Adcom deals in different types of mobiles and computer accessories like wired & wireless mouse, keyboards, gaming mouse & keyboards, computer CPU cabinets, wired & wireless earphones, headphones, earbuds, basic mobile phones, Powerbanks and Smartphone clip on camera lenses etc.

Today we are going to review Adcom 5in1 Smartphone camera travel lenses that comes in a zipped pouch kit, with 5 lenses it also includes on camera clip to fix lens that you can use on smartphones to enhance your photography experience.


Adcom 5in1 Lens pouch kit is small in size and is a easy to carry handy kit that provides protection to these lenses from dust, dirt and drop, it keeps your lenses safe with utmost care.

5in1 Lens kit includes :

a.     User Guide

b.     Warranty Card

c.      Discount Coupon (can be used for next purchase from Adcom)

d.     2x telephoto lens 1pc.

e.     198° FishEye lens 1pc.

f.       0.63x Wide Angle lens 1pc.

g.     15x Macro lens 1pc.

h.     CPL lens 1pc.

i.        Universal Clip 1pc.

j.       Microfiber Cloth 1pc. (for lens cleaning)




These camera lenses are compatible with single and dual cam phones. It can be fixed on your mobile camera easily with a universal clip that comes inside the lens kit. Macro lens and Wide Angle lens comes screwed together to make storage easy you can unscrew to use these lenses separately. These all lenses are given with a plastic cap that protects lenses from dust and scratches. All lens has a black colored metal frame that provides a premium looks and a protection as well on its edges. This frame is made from anodized aluminium metal.




This 5in1 Lens Kit also includes a Thankyou Card with 10% discount offer, which can be redeemed on your next product purchase from Adcom site. This 5in1 Lens Kit is a very much useful for travelling lovers.




Wide Angle Camera Lens helps you to shoot a scenery mode photo. According to Adcom it is necessary to attach wit Macro Lens so that it can work properly.




Macro Lens is designed for close-ups only that allows you to focus your camera within 10-15mm of frame to capture the subject details.




FishEye Lens helps you to capture 198° scenes so that you can enjoy excellent point of view.




Telephoto Lens makes you enable to capture a landscape, scenery, portrait etc.


CPL (Color Polarizer Lens) CPL lens works to boost the colors and contrast of pictures that you capture.


These lens kit and universal detachable clip works with all popular brands of smartphone mobiles and tablets as well. One soft microfiber cloth piece is also given inside the kit that can be used to clean Lenses. Adcom provides 1yr. replacement warranty on its product, against any manufacturing defects.


You can register the product on Adcom site for product warranty.


It’s a must have and an affordable product. We would definitely recommend it, if you are a travelling and photography lover and if you are looking for an affordable lens kit, then Adcom 5in1 lens kit with a universal clip is a perfect product that you can buy. It is available for sale on Adcom’s official site other ecommerce websites such as amazon, flipkart and shopclues.