Ignitron Motocorp Pvt. Ltd. forays into 2-wheeler EV motorbike segment with CYBORG - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Ignitron Motocorp Pvt. Ltd. forays into 2-wheeler EV motorbike segment with CYBORG

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· CYBORG to introduce 3 variants of electric motorbikes in the Cruiser, Regular and Sports segment in India




· India’s first ‘Made in India’ electric cruiser motorbike with a swappable battery 





Ignitron Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., a homegrown startup specializing in building customized vehicles and sound engineering, today announced its foray into India's two-wheeler electric vehicle (EV) motorbike segment with CYBORG. True fusion between a man and a machine – CYBORG; is a range of premium electric motorbikes that completely redefines the identity for electric mobility in India with smarter, safer, and environmentally-friendly technology.


CYBORG will be a range of premium electric motorbikes, offering an all-new motorcycling experience - accessible to new riders and thrilling for accomplished motorcyclists. CYBORG bikes are unique in terms of design, aesthetics, style, features and technology offering consumers with the best in class product.


The brand will focus on making the safest motorbikes in India will continually explore new ways to improve battery technology and manufacturing processes.


Manufacturing and assembly of the electric motorbikes has already begun at company’s plant in Manesar, Gurugaon. In the initial phase, the company has a capacity to produce 40,000 Units in the financial year 2022-23.



CYBORG will roll out three product variants in the India market in the mid to high speed category. To begin the operations; its first flagship product - Cruiser model is the Yoda, catering to the niche segment of consumers. Yoda, the cruiser has been designed to reimagine the relationship between the bike and the rider, erasing the divide to make them one.



The motorbike is aimed at keeping the aspirations of Indian consumers in mind while being tested for the toughest and most extreme terrain and climatic conditions in the country. Yoda, it’s first and India’s first ‘Made in India’ electric cruiser motorbike with a swappable battery and is targeted at auto enthusiasts who want to enjoy the thrill of riding and feel the adrenaline of riding an electric motorbike to its fullest potential.



With the promise of expanding its electric two-wheeler product portfolio, CYBORG is also launching two more products to cater to the needs of the mass-market buyers ensuring good range, a powerful motor and an affordable price point. The company will have a robust sales and service network spread across India covering the north, south and western regions of India with super distributors and service centers.



They are also partnering for SOS (road side assistance) along with battery swapping stations and pay as you go CYBORG {Joule} Stations which will be located at every 1 Kilo meters. These are compact home charge sockets which give fast charging of 50% in 30 minutes and the online payments will be credited in the vendors account with service charges and a premium fee for the vendor to earn money on supplies and services.



New Delhi, December 28th, 2021