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Neumann opens exclusive demo room for monitors in Bangalore

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- Partnership with The Red Music Box, a professional creative space and studio


- Available for exclusive test sessions for business partners and professionals




Extending industry professionals and audio experts a reason to cherish, Neumann announced the launch of demo rooms for audio professionals at The Red Music Box - a professional recording studio and creative space in Bangalore, founded and run by Varun Murali. India is one of the first countries worldwide to experience the Neumann demo rooms with more such rooms planned later this year.



Bookings for the demo sessions are exclusively reserved for business professionals in the studio industry. A wide range of stereo set-ups of 2.1 can be auditioned. Sessions can include all industry standard playback formats and current streaming services. The Neumann demo room at The Red Music Box Studio, Bangalore consists of a tracking room spacious enough to record bands, singer -songwriters and has also accommodated a whole bunch of online live streaming music events during the pandemic. The control room is professionally calibrated for optimum clarity and frequency response for industry standard music production, monitoring, mixing and mastering services.


Neumann monitors include solutions for all room sizes, working ranges, mounting options, networking standards and even most demanding industry specifications. Analog and DSP options are included, as well as unparalleled subwoofer technology. One of the latest additions to the series is an automatic alignment kit, jointly developed with the leading audio experts from Fraunhofer Institute.


Bangalore, December 01, 2021