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Excitel pioneers 4-hour service level agreement for all its fiber broadband users

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  Users to get an extra day of free internet on every completed 4 hours of no connectivity



  Unmatched, Unlimited and now Uninterrupted internet promise by Excitel





Excitel, India’s fastest growing fiber broadband network provider, today announced their new, and industry first, service level agreement (SLA) to strengthen their after-sales and customer service commitment. Under the new terms, all Excitel Fiber Broadband users will get a free day of internet on every completed 4 hours of no connectivity. The SLA is to create new standards for customer resolution while ensuring a swift response to any internet outages that users may face. 



Excitel India introduced a 4-hour SLA promise to Excitel Fiber subscribers, which means that in case of a service disruption, we promise to resolve any type of issue in less than four hours. And if in any case technicians are not able to do that, Excitel will provide an extra day of service free of cost to the customer- that is one free day for every 4 hours of service disruption. This kind of SLA has never been offered in the broadband space in the country and is indicative of Excitel India commitment to provide trouble free, consistent broadband service to its subscribers.



The company has been actively working towards developing solutions that are designed to meet expectations of customers. Excitel collaborated with Aprecomm AI in mid-2021 to remotely analyse and troubleshoot their wireline connections by facilitating real-time monitoring and insights to improve the performance of the fixed network.



Excitel is the country’s only internet service provider to offer this one-of-a-kind commitment to its users. The SLA is built on the framework that once the user reports their internet is not working, the issue is promised to be resolved within 4 hours of registering the complaint. Under any external circumstances, if the connection is inactive beyond the 4-hour threshold, the user will get one extra day of free broadband service. The SLA is applicable to all Excitel Fiber Broadband connections, the company stopped legacy sales from the start of 2021, and only during working hours, between 9am to 9pm.

Delhi, January 04, 2021