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PLAY ready to launch PLAYGO DUALPODS; Dual Driver True Wireless PODS!

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  • Boasting of industry first again, DUALPODS as the name suggests come with twin driver in the TWS pod form factor




  • Integrated with cutting-edge features like EBEL and high-sensitivity dual drivers, the featherlight DUALPODS are equipped with high-quality microphones, offering Environmental Noise Reduction also (ENR)




  • Available at just INR 1799, this brilliant innovation is specially designed for Indian consumers looking for a highly entrancing audio experience






Wireless earphones have ushered in a new era of modernism and raised the bar for what it means to be cool among youngsters. Delivering on this mission, PLAY, a leading Indian start-up providing state-of-the-art hearable technology products, has launched PLAYGO DUALPODS to offer immersive audio experience to users. 







Available at just INR 1799, PLAYGO DUALPODS are TWS Pods for Indian consumers looking for a highly advanced yet exhilarating audio experience. The pods allow users to enjoy a true wireless experience and move freely while working from home or at the office, exercising at the gym or simply walking down the street. Built upon a supremely glamorous design and industry-first features, PLAYGO DUALPODS come in the vibrant hues of Teal Green, Space Grey and Galaxy Black.







Integrated with DUAL drivers (two drivers in every pod despite small ear designs), the PLAYGO DUALPODS provide an immersive audio listening experience. The drivers are embedded with Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud (EBEL) sound drivers to give users reverb and thump coupled with high sensitivity while listening to music or high-bass audio. Additionally, with an in-ear design that plugs itself to the ear, the PLAYGO DUALPODS do an excellent job at environment Noise reduction (ENR) owing to the multiple mic design, ensuring a seamless audio conversation in addition to an immersive audio experience.

















PLAYGO DUALPODS - Specifications and Availability

Designed by PLAY's in-house R&D team, the featherlight PLAYGO DUALPODS buds weigh around 3.7gm apiece, making them comfortable for a long duration. The product's lightweight doesn't impede its ability to imbibe the latest technological advancements. The pods fit snugly in users' ears with a carefully set in-ear design. It ultimately reduces audio loss and separates users from external noises, keeping them engaged in the audio-listening experience. Integrated with dual and EBEL drivers accompanied with high-sensitivity design, the DUALPODS provides an enhanced and high-quality sound experience to users. 




The PLAYGO DUALPODS is equipped with a premium-grade microphone to provide crystal-clear calls, ensuring seamless communication at all times. The device offers a playtime of up to 30 hours with the charging case and 5 hours on a single charge. It also has a USB Type-C charging connector for rapid charging.

The PLAYGO DUALPODS also comes with a superior BlueTooth 5.1 chip, which ensures that the device offers a smooth connection with smartphones in an instant. It can connect with the smartphone immediately, eliminating the need to unlock the phone while delivering outstanding sound quality up to a distance of 10 meters.






The smart and sensitive touch controls of PLAYGO DUALPODS also sport new-age voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, enabling users to change track, accept & reject calls, and even control the volume with a slight touch. Furthermore, the IPX4 rating ensures that users can enjoy the workout experience or drizzle in July-August without worrying about the pods getting damaged by sweat or rain. Overall, PLAYGO DUALPODS is a masterpiece of an innovation that equips modern-day consumers with brilliant wearable technology. 

Consumers can order PLAYGO DUALPODS through popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or PLAY's official website.




11th January, 2022