Hungama Artist Aloud in collatoration with BIG FM India launches the Hungama Artist Aloud app - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Hungama Artist Aloud in collatoration with BIG FM India launches the Hungama Artist Aloud app

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~ Hungama Artist Aloud app will be available on Android and iOS and Hungama Artist Aloud Web ~


~ The app will provide independent artists a platform to showcase their audio and video content, perform live and earn revenue as well as provide them a host of marketing services ~


~ The app will enable fans to enjoy live events on the purchase of a digital ticket, engage with others in real time as well as subscribe to their favourite artist ~





Hungama Artist Aloud, a platform that supports and promotes independent artists and content, has partnered with BIG FM India - one of the leading radio networks in the country, and special partner Vimal, Bolo Zubaan Kesari to launch the Hungama Artist Aloud App. Spanning 40+ diversified languages and 50+ genres such as Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Indie, EDM, Ghazal, etc in music and multi-regional comedy talent, this hub for all independent artists across original content art forms will be available on Android & iOS and Hungama Artist Aloud Web. D'Cafe has developed this new app to make the application process more efficient and user-friendly.



Right from its inception, Hungama Artist Aloud has been the forerunner in presenting a platform for independent artists to showcase their talent and reach out to a wider base of listeners spread across the nation. Catering to the fans of independent music who love experiencing a perfect mix of sound, genre, and style, the app comes with many exciting features.



With the genre's popularity rising exponentially as independent artists carve their niche and fandom, the app, via the ‘Go Live’ feature will provide them a democratic approach to perform live events anywhere, anytime and earn revenue. Users can enjoy these events by purchasing either a single ticket for INR 89 or a pack of 5 for INR 269 and like / share the same with their loved ones. 



With a focus on elevating the real-time live event experience, the app will enable artists to get a taste of their ever-growing fandom as they will get to see the like numbers as well as interact with their fans via the live chat box. Furthermore, it shall also present ardent independent music lovers with the ultimate fan experience and engagement by allowing them to explore, share and create as many playlists as they desire.



And that’s not all, with a focus on fostering the relationship between artist and fan, the ‘S2A’ (Subscribe to Artist) feature will allow users to pay a subscription to their favourite artist for INR 89 only. Along with them receiving early access to content, these users will be the first to know, via notifications, when the artist that they’ve subscribed to has uploaded new content. 



What’s more, these fans will also receive one free live event pass that can be used anytime for the live event of any artist within one month of the subscription. Building a community that continues to grow, the app along with providing independent artists a platform to perform live and earn revenue will also present them with a host of marketing services.


 India, 22nd February 2022