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Best memory solutions from top brands in 2022

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Our computers and laptops are being put to rigorous incessant use due to both working as well as learning relying on remote modules. Besides, skewed entertainment options at our disposal have also resulted in increased usage of our home computers. But what fun is a laptop or desktop if it experiences slowdowns and sluggish? The requirement here is to upgrade to one of the best RAM available for PCs so that there are no glitches even in running intensive apps. We have compiled a list of a few such brands that offer the best memory options to enhance the functioning of your PCs and laptops.




A global giant in PCs, storage and memory modules, Acer offers a DRAM module lineup that includes standard SO module as well as UDIMM module with a comprehensive range pertaining to speed. The lineup offers speed range varying from 2666 MHz to a whopping 3200 MHz, with a storage capacity starting from 4GB and going up to as much as 32 GB per single module. Giving your desktop PC or laptop Acer-branded memory can be the perfect upgrade, considering the fact that the demand is continuously surging for higher capacity memory modules.




The company claims that all its RAMs undergo a rigorous two-stage testing. It offers as much as 11 memory options for desktops while there are eight options for laptops. Alketron DD3RAM memories come in various storage capacities and speed, including 2GB 1333 MHz, 2GB 1600 MHz, 4GB 1333 MHz, 4GB 1600 MHz and 8GB 1600 MHz. The brand enjoys extreme popularity among gaming enthusiasts who constantly need to upgrade and enhance their computer sets’ storage capacity and speed.




One of the leading names in the segment, Samsung offers memory modules designed for wide range of applications. The global brand boasts of its memory modules being best in performance and low on power consumption. While the storage capacities offered are 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, the speeds available are 1600 Mbps, 1866 Mbps, 2133 Mbps, 2400 Mbps, 2666 Mbps, 2933 Mbps and 3200 Mbps. Samsung's offerings are the best solution for achieving high density with high speed.




Consistent Infosystem Private Ltd is yet another Indian brand taking strides in the segment with its wide range of offerings. Its Double data rate fourth generation synchronous dynamic random access memory achieves higher speed and efficiency, and the same is enabled by increased transfer rates and decreased voltage. The complete range of RAMs by Consistent offer storage capacities of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Also, the brand has multiple service centres across different parts of the country offering world class technical support and servicing.