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Introduction Of India’s Top Women BGMI Gamer & Streamers

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While the eSports arena is mainly dominated by men, the industry is witnessing a rise in the number of female gamers and streamers, who are no less than their male counterparts and are smashing the stereotype one game at a time. From tournaments to YouTube content creation, women have become an important part of the eSports domain and are equally getting the chicken dinner in the world of BGMI. So, here are top 5 women BGMI streamers, who will surprise you with their incredible gameplay.

Payal Gaming:  Payal Dhare, is popularly known as Payal Gaming in the eSports fraternity and has over 1.85M subscribers on YouTube. She is known for her regular BGMI streams and recently received the Startup Business Meet 2021’s Face of the Year Award’.  Payal is known for being one of the most skilled BGMI players, and keeping the audience engaged with her incredible gaming skills and accuracy.  Payal has also participated in various BGMI tournaments including the BGMI Valentine’s Day Face off Event.




Natasha Gaming:  Natasha is a young BGMI streamer from south. Her passion for gaming and love for BGMI led her to become a full-time streamer. Natasha streams her BGMI gameplays on YouTube regularly and has a healthy subscriber base of 497K subscribers.



Kaash Plays:  Kaash plays a.k.a Kaashi Hiranandini is a BGMI streamer. Kaash became an instant hit with the audience because of her impressive performance at the various BGMI tournaments hosted by Krafton. Her quirky videos with fellow BGMI streamers are loved by the viewers and she has a solid fanbase with over 437K subscribers on YouTube.



Krutika Plays: Krutika Ojha also known as Krutika plays is a popular Youtuber with over 399k subscribers on YouTube. Krutika is known for emerging victorious in majority of BGMI tournaments and has reached top 10 in over 29 games.

Play Like Incognito: Sonali Singh also known as Play Like Incognito is a popular BGMI streamer.  She currently holds a subscriber base of 209k on her YouTube channel. Sonali is a professional BGMI streamer and is known for her unbeatable pan fight matches.


Sherlock: Monika Jeph known as Sherlock in the gaming arena, is a popular streamer for eSports organization, S8UL.  Monika was the first female player in PMCO 2020 and has a solid fanbase with over 166k subscribers on YouTube. Monika is one of the very few female players to take up streaming professionally and has gotten recognition for fighting it out with some of the strongest players in the country.



MINI UK07:  Mini Bisht is a popular BGMI streamer from Dehradun and is known by her alias MINI UK07. Mini is a full-time streamer on YouTube and has a growing subscriber base of 92.5k on YouTube.





With streaming on the rise, eSports is no longer a novelty limited to men, gaming is increasingly attracting women and we are expected to witness even more female participants emerging as professional streamers.