Glance brings millions of users unique live and interactive content experiences of IPL with Delhi Capitals on smartphone lock screens - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Glance brings millions of users unique live and interactive content experiences of IPL with Delhi Capitals on smartphone lock screens

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The two are enabling cricket fans to become part of the Delhi Capitals’ IPL journey through exclusive real-time interactions with players, candid behind-the-scenes shows and live practice sessions on lock screen





·         JSW – GMR co-owned Delhi Capitals to share exclusive content on Glance, including candid behind the scenes videos, live streams by players, content from the nets, the locker rooms, and more


·         Users to get a chance to interact with their favourite players through features such as comments, AMA, polls, quizzes etc. on Glance lock screen


·         They have already created over 100 videos, garnering nearly 28 million views so far




This IPL season, Glance, the world’s largest lock screen platform, is bringing cricket fans an all-new way to watch and interact with some of their favorite IPL teams. The platform, which has over 173 million active users in India, has partnered with the Delhi Capitals team as their exclusive lock screen content partner. As a result of this partnership, Glance users will be able to watch content that brings them up-close and personal with the Delhi Capitals team, directly on their lock screens.



Users will enjoy numerous videos, including candid behind-the-scenes shows with the Delhi Capitals, clips of funny moments with their players, scenes from the locker room, and several live net practice sessions. They will be able to interact live with some of the top players of the team through features like comments, AMA, polls, and quizzes on lock screen. Glance will also bring users highly engaging experiences such as real-time reactions from the hosts and players, as well as real-time polls that allow them to express their views and shape the direction of live content. 



The partnership has already led to over 100 videos, which have garnered close to 28 million views so far. Glance users have also enjoyed several live streams of Delhi Capitals' net sessions on their lock screens, with many more such sessions and player interactions expected to follow.



Recently, Glance published a report titled ‘IPL and the Second Screen’ to shed light on consumer behavior on smartphones during live IPL matches. Around 70% of the 1500 users who were surveyed for the report said that they use their smartphones during the matches, with the majority consuming cricket-themed content parallelly on various platforms. The respondents also said that they enjoyed IPL content such as live reaction videos of celebrities watching matches, behind-the-scenes snippets, unknown facts about favorite players, live watch parties with celebrities, social media polls and quizzes on the matches. For brands and advertisers, this showed interactive content formats would be one of the biggest engagement drivers to connect with audiences during the IPL.



This association is in line with Glance’s vision of building the world’s largest platform for live in India and globally. Glance recently entered an agreement to raise $200 million Series D funding from Jio Platforms to take its live proposition to key international markets.    


Singapore/Bangalore/New Delhi April 27, 2022