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mScanIt introduces an AI-Powered ORM Solution for tracking unidentified reviews

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mScanIt, an industry-leading solution is the future of online reputation management for brands with abilities to record opinions/feedback on the fly

With a large consumer base hooked on to the numerous social media channels, businesses must adopt a brand reputation strategy to safeguard against potential negative feedbacks floating around undiscovered. mScanIt, a digital platform for eCommerce analytics powered by mFilterIt, today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art AI-powered Online Reputation Management (ORM) solution suite to assist brands in identifying, highlighting, and segregating unidentified feedbacks/review patterns across prominent platforms through real-time notifications and dealing with them instantly.

While manual brand reputation management frequently overlook large number of cases circulating across platforms, mScanIt's AI-based ORM solution recognises the growing importance of brand reputation and employs AI computer vision and natural language processing technology to recognise and analyse such evaluations, and capture opinions/feedback and therefore gives one an edge to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, when there are no hashtags or brand mentions in a review and simply images, computer vision assists in linking such reviews to relevant brands. Also, natural language processing helps in recording competitor analysis, brand dislikes, sentiment intensity, and such product specific feedback data.

Growingly, customer feedback is becoming vital for establishing the brand reputation and it’s becoming critical to keep an active track and take appropriate action, especially when a firm introduces new products. Customers are highly aware of the significance of reviews, and they may submit feedback on social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as review sites, personal blogs, and other websites, which can radically impact public impression of the firm. One wrong review and the brand reputation is distorted.

In addition to scanning, the real-time alerts help brands make instantaneous decisions, provide actionable insights and manage brand reputation across platforms. Moreover, brands gain insights into the buyer personas and can curate accurate marketing strategies for boosting the baseline. 

At all times, firms must project a positive image. Having a positive internet reputation is a terrific way to maintain a relationship with current and potential customers.


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