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The go-to ceiling fans to invest in this summer

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With the summers being unbearable, it is extremely crucial to invest in a good quality ceiling fan. If you're hunting for a pocket-friendly solution to cool your home, a ceiling fan is the way to go. It also acts as an additional complement to your home's interior considering they are available in a range of attractive designs. A powerful fan is essential since it will help you save money on power while also keeping you cool throughout the summer. We've created a list of the finest ceiling fans in India to assist you in making your pick.



Syska Maxair Deco SFD1100 Ceiling Fan


The Syska Ceiling Fan is one of the most elegant ceiling fans available in the market. This Syska fan will undoubtedly bring charm to your home's décor, and its contemporary design and superior finish of corrosion-free paint are unrivalled in elegance. It has a blade sweep of 1200mm and has the ability to provide an air delivery of 210cmm. The broad blades of the fans help in producing higher air delivery. This fan features 380 RPM and has 75 watts of power consumption. It is dust-resistant, and the installation process is simple and straightforward. The fan is equipped with a powerful motor while at the same time ensuring a silent performance. The fan is priced at Rs. 2150/- and comes with a two-year warranty. The ceiling fan is available in three aesthetically pleasing colours namely white, ivory, and brown.

Goldmedal Electricals Insignia decorative ceiling fan

The elegant Insignia fan by Goldmedal Electricals is a smart way to beat the sweltering heat during the summer months. Insignia is an aerodynamically superior fan that offers outstanding airflow while being incredibly silent and efficient, thanks to its premium fittings. Aside from that, the fan has a striking design with a superior metallic paint finish and high-quality copper. The whisper-quiet ceiling fan comes in three fascinating colours that create an aesthetic ambiance!




Candes Star Ceiling Fan


Candes Star offers excellent value for money with this fan. The 1200 mm blades have been built for enhanced air delivery of 230 cm and have a higher level of reliability. Furthermore, the power consumption is not excessive, at around 74 watts. The design is exquisite and will go with any kind of decor and furnishings flawlessly. The fan is available for Rs.2299/- and comes with a three-year warranty.







Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan


The Luminous 1200mm ceiling fan was designed keeping luxury and comfort in mind.  This fan features a power of 75 watts and an operating Voltage of 240 volts.  With the help of its powerful motor, the ceiling fan provides superior air at low voltage. In this one-of-a-kind offering, there are four different speed settings. Its pure copper winding provides exceptional performance even at low voltage. The ceiling can is available to purchase at Rs. 1640/- and is available in white, ivory, and brown colours.