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How this CA - Mother with two kids, building India's largest TV manufacturing company in India?

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Mothers are real-life Superheroes. They manage everything with immense ease. From managing household chores to handling brands, Mothers are rarely free and we value them for that. Every mother is special but today we have a story that would inspire young mothers to work and fulfill their dreams.

Pallavi Singh is the Vice President of Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL), India’s largest TV manufacturing firm based out of Noida, and is already a brand licensee of the following brands: Kodak, Thomson, Blaupunkt, White Westinghouse, and Westinghouse. She is also a qualified Chartered Accountant since 2012 and prior to joining SPPL in 2015, she worked with KPMG as a tax and regulatory consultant and worked with multiple international clients during her tenure there.

Today, we have Pallavi Singh, Vice President of SPPL sharing her topsy-turvy remarkable journey, she talks about the opportunities cum challenges she had to endure while managing her two young kids and building SPPL and She is a perfect example of how to strike a balance between your career and motherhood.


1. How has your journey been while being a mother of two and building India’s largest TV manufacturing brand?

It has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least, I was pregnant before the launch of Blaupunkt TV in 2021 and I faced a lot of difficulties while working during that time but I overcame the challenges. After giving birth to my son within 45 days I was back at work. I used to bring him to the office so that I could give attention to him whenever needed. We built a nursery in the office to make him comfortable. Mothers are multi-taskers and I would like to believe I am one too.

2. How supportive was the family towards your business and dreams?

My parents are doctors so they were a little skeptical about me joining the business world, My parents and in-laws have been super supportive, they take care of my kids while I am working or traveling for work. Being a mother is a 24*7 job honestly but I am blessed to have such helping and supporting people around me who see the potential in me and encourage me to do better in my life and work. I would advise young mothers to ask for help if necessary. It is a common notion that children are just the mother’s responsibility but one must remember the saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

3. Being a mother, Tell us about the significance of devoting time to family, children, and your personal life?

It is extremely important for me to give time to family and personal life. Whenever I get the time I make sure to make the most of it and travel with my family.  Being a working mother it has been difficult yet I try very hard to keep the boat afloat. I still remember, since the age of 9 months, my baby has been to roller coaster parks and beaches, where if one parent used to do an activity, the other used to stay back with the kid. I also enjoy adventure sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, and snorkeling along with other water sports. On the flip side, I do like some quiet time as well and love to finish books in one go when time allows.

4. How did you balance your work and personal life as a successful entrepreneur?

Ans - I am lucky to have had the option to be able to take my kids to work with me, hence I could pay attention to both aspects of my life at once. I have taught my kids to be independent and that I might need to work long hours sometimes. Having said that, if I do feel like I’m missing out on important time with them, I do take the occasional day off in the middle of the week, just to be around them. Work will always be there but their childhood will only last so long.

5. How has the response to your products been so far? And what about the company's future plans?
We, at SPPL, have a portfolio of seven brands operating in the TV and appliances segment including Blaupunkt, Westinghouse, Thomson, Kodak, White-Westinghouse and two of the inhouse brands are SVL and Suntek.
With respect to the response of all the brands from the customers, each brand is doing really well in its place in the market and is giving a phenomenal response and hope to continue doing so in the future. We are going to close at Rs 600-700 crore this year and in the next two years, we aim to cross the Rs 1,000-crore mark.
We are now investing extensively in our manufacturing and development operations and aim to increase our capacity as well as expand product manufacturing lines.

6. What was the driving force behind your dedication and sacrifices for your company?

Honestly, the driving force was the dedication and passion I have for this company and our plan for SPPL to be the number 1 online selling brand and one with the best infrastructure for Television and other appliances in the country. We have a vision that we would like to achieve and that’s what motivates me to do better and better.

7. What is the most challenging factor of being a working mother?

The most challenging factor is the stigma that comes from the fact that we leave our kids home to go and work, be it with parents or nannies. We are often judged for the same but it’s high time this should change. If a father can go to work without any guilt, why should a mother not be able to? In an idealistic world, where men and women are equal, there is quite a lag when it comes to child-rearing. Mothers should stop feeling guilty for going out and working. They should celebrate motherhood and their upward career graphs with grace.