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Talk To Myself: Enabling people to keep their secrets safe and connect to themselves

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Talk to Myself, a self-talk app that enables users to meet and connect with their true selves in a simple yet effective way


~ The app allows users to capture their emotions, perspectives, and knowledge in the most user-friendly way so that they can reflect on their life with a clear and broader lens. 

~ By using Talk To Myself, users can document and archive memorable moments to remember how they felt in that moment.  

~ Talk to myself is targeting 1M downloads from the Google play store till the end of this year.


There are three reasons why people used to use the Talk to Myself App. It enables users to talk to myself secretly, and to reflect them on myself, personal archive for entire life.


1)   Talk to myself secretly

Everyone has secrets. Secrets in mind could be a burden. The Talk to myself App is a place to tell what's on our mind frankly. Users can jot down ideas, take a memo, and take notes without decorated happiness or showing off.


2)   Alone time to reflect myself

Even during the chaos of a long day, we can spend time alone. It helps users to reflect and listen to their own thoughts and feelings. Talk to Myself is a unique chat-style blog that helps me to connect with myself easily.


3)   My personal Archive

The Talk to Myself App is a kind of blank place where users can express themselves and record their life. Users can write anything as if you talk to yourself and let them go. All thoughts, feelings, and plans written down are archived as your own story. Only you can read them anytime later on.


It would be great if you could consider having an interaction with Mr. Jay Sung, Founder of Talk to Myself.