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MG Motor India launches MGverse: A future-ready Metaverse Platform

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Aims to strengthen its connection with GenZ and GenAlpha and provide an immersive experience, including eCommerce.




MG Motor today became the first auto OEM in India, and one of the very few brands across the industries, to announce its vision of MGverse, a Metaverse platform. It will provide an immersive experience to its customers and stakeholders through multiple arenas.



MGverse will act as a universe that combines multiple virtual spaces into a single platform. With this, the brand aims to bring MG fans, customers, partners, and employees together to work, play, engage, collaborate, co-create, socialise and shop. It will enable users to transcend beyond the restrictions of screens and the boundaries of distance into a future where everyone can be present together to create new possibilities and experience new things.



For customers to explore their creativity in the MGverse, the brand will provide five different experience centers-  

·         Explore & Creator's Center: This will enable the user to personalize, accessorize and build their favourite MG vehicle in the Metaverse. It will also allow customers to take a virtual test drive in the cities and streets of their preference. MGverse will even allow customers to book their MG cars from the comfort of their homes.


·         NFT Gallery: This will allow users to witness MG’s finest collections on display and enable them to collaborate & co-create, list, and transact NFTs on the platform. Additionally, it will also give an opportunity to individuals and creators to create their own NFT and earn.


·         MG Car Club: The members of MGCC will get one more avenue to connect, engage and celebrate togetherness through members-only events and concerts. They will also have an option to buy MG merchandise from MGverse.


·         Gaming Arena: The user will get a chance to experience MG's rich racing history. One can choose their favourite racetrack to race in a sportier MG or play other games. Hence, the user can enjoy a plethora of games on MGverse.


·         MG Knowledge Centre: It will provide opportunities to our employees and partners for upskilling and attending virtual training sessions, conferences, meetings, etc.




The platform will be accessible on mobile as well as other web browsers to engage GenZ and GenAlpha. MG intends to make similar experiences available for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, allowing a more captivating and realistic experience at home and in dealerships. The platform will be executed in phases, with the first phase being implemented during the coming festive season.



Since its inception, MG Motor India has been at the forefront of innovation and technology. The automaker has debuted India's first internet SUV, India's first pure electric internet SUV, India's first autonomous level 1 & 2 SUVs, and India's first car with AI in recent years. The company also has launched digital solutions (such as MG Expert, MG ePay, NFTs, and Car as a Platform) to create unique customer experiences.


Gurugram, June 06, 2022