RoundGlass Living Food Helps People Develop Healthier Eating Practices on Their Journey to Wholistic Wellbeing - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

RoundGlass Living Food Helps People Develop Healthier Eating Practices on Their Journey to Wholistic Wellbeing

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RoundGlass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing company dedicated to empowering people on their personal wellbeing journey, is bringing together some of the most notable and influential names in the world of vegetarian cuisine with the launch of RoundGlass Living Food. With content designed for a global audience, the Food channel within the RoundGlass Living app stresses the correlation between overall wellbeing and the preparation, consumption, and celebration of food.

Through the app, users will have access to:


  • Hundreds of Recipes from the leaders in vegetarian cuisines
  • 60+ online Cooking Courses taught by chefs such as James Beard Award nominees Amanda Cohen and Shenarri Freeman, as well as Akhtar Nawab, Peter Barrett, Naoko Takei, and many others. The courses were created in collaboration with Fabienne Toback, an executive producer of the Peabody Award-nominated High on the Hog on Netflix
  • Thoughtful Columns are written by people with a strong voice and recognition in the space, such as Maria Pinto, Clarissa Wei, Betty Hallock, and James Beard Award nominees Rich Shih and Roxana Jullapat
  • The Nourishing Library features a variety of resources and guidebooks associated with wellbeing
  • A beautifully illustrated Ingredient Encyclopedia that serves as a global database of knowledge and facts about healthy foods and ingredients from around the world.


RoundGlass Living Food is centered around the idea that food is a path to our Wholistic Wellbeing, and that it is best enjoyed (and understood) through connection, collaboration, and community. It helps people develop the day-to-day practice of feeling better through the celebration and ritual of cooking – from vegetables and fruits to herbs and spices. It gives users the tools and resources they need to support a path towards healthier, more sustainable nutrition. RoundGlass Food is aligned to RoundGlass’s larger mission to inspire people to embrace a life of Wholistic Wellbeing to live healthier and happier lives.


The app, available for iPhone and Android users, has a free and premium version (Living+): INR 620 monthly or INR 4,6577 for an introductory annual subscription. Visit RoundGlass for more information.






New Delhi, June 6, 2022