ViewSonic upgrades its ed-tech solutions and launches the ViewBoard 52 Series Interactive Display - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

ViewSonic upgrades its ed-tech solutions and launches the ViewBoard 52 Series Interactive Display

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· Embedded with innovative exterior design and integrated with Multimedia Sound Bar 



· Available with better performance, new user interface and advanced processor


Expanding its Interactive Flat Panel portfolio, ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, has launched ViewBoard 52 Series enhancing the classroom and learning experience with its user-friendly features and design. The key differentiator of this Edtech product is the Multimedia Sound Bar embedded in its exterior, delivering advanced audio. 

ViewSonic has shown a substantial growth in the interactive display market and has been overpowering the segment. ViewSonic enjoyed a 50 per cent market share as the No. 1 IFP brand in the Indian education sector in 2021, with the company's IFP50-3 series (65" and 75" models) dominating the market. Additionally, myViewBoard visual learning software has become a leader, with the customizable platform now boasting a user base of over 5 million. Globally, ViewSonic recorded a growth rate of upto 16 times above the industry average.



The newly launched ViewBoard 52 series comes in 65"75", and 86", delivering unparalleled usability and controllability. In addition, the product is equipped with some magnificent features equivalently evolving with the education ecosystem. 


New Exterior Design with Innovative Multimedia Sound Bar


Proficiently embedded Multimedia Sound Bar with 15W front-facing speakers and a 15W subwoofer brings superior sound integration filling the room with rich sound. The key uniqueness the product brings is its innovative exterior design with enhanced management tools and control systems which not only integrates speakers and microphones but also features easy-to-access USB-C, HDMI, and USB Touch Ports. 


The built-in eight-microphone brings audio detection and noise cancellation capabilities, ensuring in-class or remote lessons are broadcasted with excellent sound, helping teachers deliver better teaching.  


With its uncluttered layout, the integrated soundbar places everything teachers need right at their fingertips. With USB-C one-cable solution, transferring data, video or audio, and powering devices are made effortless. The user-friendly product also has shortcut keys allowing teachers to disable touch functions that are not in use and freeze the display screen for independent use on personal devices during presentations. 




User-friendly Interface along with Rich Management Tools 

ViewSonic has been at the forefront in enhancing its user interface with every new product, and the newly launched product offers rich management tools. A control area, designed for a large screen, centralizes all applications and tools within easy reach and allows the teachers to define their frequently used functions. The interface also features well-placed Side Tool Bars on both edges of the screen for easy call-up of shortcut menus. Teachers can also initiate the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu with a long press on the screen. This intuitive design places everything users frequently use within easy reach, providing an exceptional user experience. 



Along with myViewBoard, a visual learning platform which provides a comprehensive suite of applications, the ViewBoard 52 series delivers advanced communication, collaboration, and engagement. The product also has ViewBoard Cast, which helps improve group collaborations' efficiency and productivity. This also allows students easily share screens from their BYOD devices through myViewBoard Display, a browser-based wireless presentation tool, without downloading any Apps. To efficiently use remote management, myViewBoard Manager is at its best, allowing a user to access multiple displays. 



Increased Eye Comfort with an Enhanced Flicker-Reduction Display


The product is embedded with an Enhanced Flicker-Reduction Display, giving your eyes comfort and saving you from eye strain. It also has a blue light reduction and anti-glare coating. 



The ViewBoard 52 series operates Android 9.0 and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux with full-touch input functionality for all connected BYOD devices. Developing a product best used for educators, ViewSonic's ViewBoard is well-equipped and eases teachers to access frequently used features within a control area, eliminating the need to move back and forth.



Available from the price range INR 4,25,000 onwards , this ed-tech product comes with USB-C front-facing inputs for easy connection to BYOD devices and places functional keys and I/O ports in a direct line of sight. 


India 26th July 2022