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Best TWS earbuds between Rs 1000-5000 with noise cancellation

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TWS earbuds are the buzz right now. Most of the millennials own them or are eyeing the latest one to buy when the deal fits in their budget. Offering True Wireless Stereo audio quality, these earbuds allow you to pair two devices simultaneously using Bluetooth. It is apt for those who use smartwatch and connect it to their earphones and also need to connect their audio devices. If you are the one who has still not been able to buy an earbud due to budget constraints, then we have the best ones for you under Rs 5000.

Zoook Rocker Twins
This one is the most economical of the lot, priced at just Rs 1299. The new Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures that you have a lag free audio experience whether you are attending a call or listening to music. Both the earbuds can be used separately on two different devices. With a battery life of 3-4 hours, it gives a longer run time when charged by the charging case. Available in black and gold combination, it is perfect for sports enthusiasts, music lovers, and people who need to be on call most of the time. It is compatible with phone, tablets and laptops of Apple, Samsung, Sony and many more.

Crossbeats Torq
Priced at Rs 4299, it is best value for the kind of features it offers. Crossbeats earbuds are loaded with 4 ENC mics that make it apt for calls, music and gaming. The Qualcomm speakers give an explosive sound, with 3D surround effects. It can last upto 12 hours in a single charge, and more than 36 hours when charged with charging case. You can use the Type C charger or the latest wireless technology to charge it. It also has intuitive in ear music detection that pauses the music if you unplug it from an ear and re starts when you insert it again. 

JBL Wave 200 TWS
It is priced at Rs 3999. Enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 for lag-free and clear audio, it gives a runtime of upto 20 hours, that too with deep bass sound. It has dual connect technology, that enables the user to connect one earbud for calls, another for music where you can use the one required, thereby saving battery life. It is splashproof, making it the perfect partner for your heavy duty sports exercises where you don’t need to worry about those times when sweat flows freely and moisture impacts the earbud.

Pebble Buds Pro
Priced reasonably at Rs 1719, Pebble Buds Pro comes with Noise Cancellation Technology that makes it perfect for those long work calls, or long distance calls to loved ones back home, while you return home. It has 4 mics to support the audio quality of the speaker, and Smart Pause Technology that pauses the music when you take it off from the ears. It gives 90 days of standby battery on charging through the case and 30 hours of uninterrupted music and playtime. The gaming features are supported by Ultra Low Latency Gaming Mode.