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ShareChat’s ‘Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling’ report

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  •  Over 70% of Bharat users to go online to make purchase decisions
  • At 44%, social media is the biggest purchase influencer for Bharat during the festive season
  • Maharashtra tops the festive spending charts this year with 55% more spending anticipated
  • Apparel (24%), mobile & accessories (17%), and jewellery (11%) are the top 3 categories on the shopping list of Bharat

Capturing the interests and spending pattern of Bharat* this festive season, ShareChat, India’s leading social media platform, today released a report titled  Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling’. The report finds that the Bharat audience is prepared to spend significantly, with every 1 in 2 Bharat user willing to spend more this year than last year during the festive season. Maharashtra topped the festive spending charts this year with 55% willing to spend more this year, followed by Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh. 


Apparels, mobiles and accessories, and jewellery are the top 3 shopping categories Bharat is expected to splurge on this festive season. As per the survey, around 44% of Bharat’s purchase decisions are influenced by social media. Additionally, discounts and offers are major factors that influence 49% of Bharat’s purchase decisions.


The findings in the report are based on primary data collection through an online survey among 2,843 ShareChat users aged between 18 and 40, with a male-to-female ratio of 70:30 across 15 states in India. It deciphers the shopping sentiment of Bharat ahead of the festive season and deep dives into categories like e-commerce, automobiles, beauty, and jewellery, that are on the list of Bharat this festive season.


During this festive season, 1 in 3 in Bharat is expected to spend over INR 20,000 and about 8% will spend over INR 100,000, boosting the overall ticket size of festive purchases. Gifting is anticipated to be one of the top motivations for spending money during this festive period. 24% of Bharat wants to buy with the intention of gifting. As Bharat upgrades their devices or gives some as gifts to loved ones, sales of mobile and accessories, and jewellery will also experience a significant increase.


Interestingly, 1 in 4 Bharat plan their festive shopping last minute and 76% are making decisions basis ads. Online shopping is a popular choice for Bharat as it is driven by various discounts and offers. Social media is the most important factor influencing purchase intent and buying behaviours. At 44%, it leads the way as a source of information on brand offers, reviews and recommendations.


With over 180 Mn monthly active users, ShareChat is the preferred social media platform. Communicating in one's language adds to the emotions they are trying to express, especially during the festive season. Due to ShareChat's popularity amongst Bharat, who loves all things festive, the platform sees a significant increase in the number of users, views and engagement rates during this period.


The report, Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling, further deep-dives into other shopping categories like e-commerce, automobile, beauty, and jewellery.

India, 21st September 2022