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DRE Academy and DRE Travel Adventures: dream experiences riding a Ducati

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  • With the Ducati Riding Experience programme the Bologna-based manufacturer offers enthusiasts memorable riding experiences on Ducati motorcycles, with excellent instructors in prestigious locations
  • From learning safe riding techniques, to debuting on the track, to the exclusive “One to One” course with Panigale V4 R and Superleggera V4: the DRE formats adapt to the different needs of every motorcyclist
  • Ducati Riding Experience becomes more international year after year with a calendar that will be enhanced by events in Europe and around the world
  • Information on how to register for the first events with the DRE Academy riding courses and DRE Travel Adventures trips is available on the dedicated pages of the Ducati.com website

Ducati further expands the Ducati Riding Experience programme for the 2023 season, confirming its attention to the experiential aspect in the relationship with motorcycle enthusiasts. Ducati Riding Experience is the package with which the Bologna-based manufacturer aims to enrich the lives of motorcyclists around the world. Each DRE format is characterized by an excellent teaching proposal that includes top-level instructors (including several former professional riders), prestigious locations and, of course, lots of fun on the motorcycles of the Ducati range, the rental of which for the entire duration of the experience is included in the registration.

The DRE project was born in 2003 and over the course of these twenty years have welcomed more than 28,000 participants , combining emotion, fun and safety. The new features introduced for 2023 in the DRE Academy riding courses and the DRE Travel Adventures organized trips, as well as the scheduling of unprecedented international dates, are the perfect demonstration of the "continuous improvement" philosophy that characterises the Company. This translates into a constant updating of the contents to satisfy the needs of every type of motorcyclist and confirm the Bologna-based company as a reference point in offering memorable experiences.

All the information and details for registering for the first appointments of the 2023 season are available on the dedicated pages of Ducati.com website. On these dates, participants will be able to enjoy a true Ducati-style experience on the main Italian circuits and discover the beauty of Italy also in terms of landscapes and food.


The three appointments of DRE Road and DRE Rookie will take place at the Modena racetrack on the weekends of 20-21 May, 24-25 June and 9-10 September. There are two appointments with the DRE Racetrack and they will be held on 6-7 June and 26-27 September at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. The new DRE Track Warm Up is scheduled for the weekend of 17-18 June at the Modena racetrack. Registration for the DRE Adventure will open in January 2023, instead, with the following calendar: 25-26 and 27-28 May, 13-14 and 15-16 July, 20-21 and 22-23 July, 7-8 and 9-10 September.

As for the DRE Travel Adventures, the first appointment scheduled is the one with the DesertX Expedition in Sardinia from 12 to 16 June. The four Dream Tour on the calendar will take place on 3-5 July, 10-12 July, 13-15 October and 17-19 October. The Multistrada Expedition will start from Turin on 3 October and will end on 8 October.

The appointments already included in the calendar represent a first part of the DRE offer for the 2023 season. Other novelties are ready to enrich the panorama of Ducati Riding Experience in the coming months. Furthermore, the DRE Racetrack appointments will soon be expanded with a calendar of international dates, on the most beautiful and evocative circuits in the world.

The DRE Track Warm Up is the main new feature of the DRE Academy 2023 season. The course has been completely updated, becoming independent from the DRE Racetrack, and offering a specific focus on motorcyclists who wish to learn the basics of riding between the curbs. The format begins with a theoretical briefing held by the Technical Director, focused on correct position in the saddle, braking, acceleration and riding technique, after which the participants will immediately carry out a series of exercises in the paddock. The subsequent training on the track is divided into five sessions, the first of which is a sighting lap to familiarize with the track by riding one of the models envisaged by the DRE Road. The following four sessions are instead carried out with the Panigale V2, the ideal Ducati for a debut on the track. A specialized instructor will provide advice before each shift, which will be followed by a dedicated debrief at the end of each of them.

The DRE Racetrack remains the benchmark for those who already have track riding experience but want to hone their skills and experience the thrill of riding a Ducati on the tracks where the MotoGP World Championship is held. Education, fun and adrenaline come together in different courses depending on the level of experience: Track Evo, Track Evo2 and Track Master. The Ducati Panigale family is the star of this format, with the Panigale V2 for the Track Evo courses, the Panigale V2 Bayliss 1st Championship 20th Anniversary for the Track Evo2 courses and the Panigale V4 S for the Track Master.

The Track Master, in particular, is once again proposing its winning formula (which relies on expert riders in the role of instructors and on the use of Action Cams and DDA data acquisition), to which it adds an important new feature, namely the reduction of the ratio to two students for each instructor, in order to offer participants even more complete and dedicated support.

Within the DRE Racetrack there are also “One to One” courses, which are aimed at those looking for an exclusive experience from every point of view. A direct relationship with the instructor, an individual position in the box, the Open Pit access and a final debrief all guarantee a truly professional experience in a day to be lived completely in the name of one’s passion for the track.

The "One to One" modes designed for the most passionate Ducatisti include three proposals. In choosing the first one, enthusiasts will be able to experience an incredible day as an official rider astride the Panigale V4 SP2. With the other two experiences, Ducati raises the bar even higher through an even more exclusive programme that will allow fans to experience a dream day riding the new Panigale V4 R , the most sophisticated and powerful road super sports bike in the world (240.5 hp at 15,500 rpm, with limiter in sixth gear at 16,500), or the bike that embodies all the engineering excellence and cutting-edge technology of the Bologna-based manufacturer: the Ducati Superleggera V4. By taking part in these two experiences, the participants will also be able to enjoy a session as passengers of a DRE qualified instructor, who will conduct laps on the track in order to indicate the correct trajectories to take, the braking and acceleration points and the different riding techniques.


The three appointments at the Modena racetrack with DRE Road and DRE Rookie are also confirmed for the 2023 season. DRE Road is the riding course designed and developed for motorcyclists who want to improve their riding level with the support of DRE instructors, but also for all those who wish to test the technological equipment of the numerous models in the Ducati range available in this format (including some of the most awaited novelties of 2023, such as the Multistrada V4 Rally, Diavel V4 and the "Next-Gen Freedom" Ducati Scrambler).


The DRE Rookie is dedicated exclusively to young motorcyclists aged 18 to 24 with an A2 license who ride depowered motorcycles, with a cutting-edge educational program aimed at learning riding techniques that can help participants express their potential as riders.

Lastly, DRE Adventure is the experience designed for adventure touring enthusiasts who want to enhance their on- and off-road riding skills and have fun riding Multistrada V4 and DesertX, the bikes in the Ducati range most suitable for experiencing an all-round riding experience. The programme includes two days in the fascinating Tuscan hills in the spectacular location of the Nipozzano Castle, in which to learn different techniques through accurate teaching lessons and exciting riding sessions. For 2023, the motorcycle fleet of the format is expanded with the presence of the new Multistrada V4 Rally, the Ducati designed for the most demanding travellers.

Starting from the 2022 season, the Ducati Riding Experience package has also included DRE Travel Adventures organized trips, a series of proposals studied in detail to intrigue, amuse and excite motorcyclists. DesertX Expedition, Dream Tour and Multistrada Expedition met with immediate success among enthusiasts and have been confirmed for 2023 in a calendar that will soon see the addition of new international appointments.



The DesertX Expedition aims to let expert motorcyclists experience a truly unique and exciting adventure on the saddle of a Ducati motorcycle designed to tackle even the most demanding off-road terrain. 5 days of pure off-road adrenaline among the wonders of north-eastern Sardinia, in the company of professional riders who will follow the participants in every detail.

The Dream Tour, on the other hand, takes participants on a "dream trip" starting from Borgo Panigale with an organized visit to the Ducati Museum and the Ducati production plant. After full immersion in the Company which won all the World Titles in MotoGP and WorldSBK in 2022, the participants will leave for a 3-day tour through the landscapes of the Tuscan-Emilian hills, combining the pleasure of travelling by motorbike with the good food and the discovery of the territory.


Finally, the Multistrada Expedition includes a program spread over 6 days and 5 nights to experience the fun of two wheels and the charm of nature. Reserved for only 10 participants, it winds along a breath-taking 1500 km itinerary that crosses Italy and France touching various points of cultural and landscape interest: the famous Cesana-Sestriere, the Colle del Sommeiller, the Verdon Gorge, and the Côte d'Azur.

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