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Mivi Lifestyle Audio Accessories Offers During Republic Day Sale On Amazon

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Amazon during Republic Day Sale is running hot with great discount & offers. Mivi lifestyle audio products are also available for sale during Republic day sale with differnt offers. If you are looking to buy audio accessories like bluetooth wireless earpods, earbuds or headphones then you can buy mivi products with discounted price from below listed products : 

DuoPods A25

When listening to music, the DuoPods A25 have a pleasant effect on the ears and give the best quality bass. The DuoPods' properly distributed weight allows for a precise fit inside the ear. This implies that even if you engage in vigorous exercise, the earphones will stay in place, and with the ongoing republic day sale, these duopods are down to a price of Rs. 1199 on Amazon.

30 hours of battery life is promised with these Mivi DuoPods. The earbuds take 7.5 hours to fully charge on their own, while the charging case offers 22.5 hours of battery life. Both fast charging and a Type-C charging connector are supported by the charging case.

DuoPods A350

The DuoPods A350, available at Rs 1099 with the republic day sale offer, are in-ear headphones that have a straight stem. It contains substantial 13mm dynamic speakers with a 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response range.

The earphones support AAC and SBC codecs and have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. In addition, the earbuds contain two MEMS microphones for incredibly smooth conversations. Touch controls are also included on the DuoPods A350, which may be used to activate the smart speaker on a smartphone and manage media playback. The earbuds have a 40mAh battery within each bud, giving them an 8.5-hour playback life on a single charge. The earphones' combined playback time with the charging case's 500mAh battery is close to 50 hours.

Mivi A550 Headphones

One of the most recent models of Mivi wireless earphones can be purchased at a sale price of Rs. 1299. 50 hours can be played back on these Mivi A550 headphones. Great bass and clear sound are produced by their big 13 mm sound speakers. These Bluetooth earphones have an IPX4 rating and four powerful MEMS microphones. ENC is another function of the Mivi Duopods A550 True Wireless Earbuds.

They offer 50 hours of playback life, Bluetooth 5.0 capability, touch controls, and low latency.

Mivi Collar Flash Pro

Wih the Republic Day offer price of Rs 1299, the Collar Flash Pro has the highest audio quality in the business due to its 13mm driver. The battery capacity of the neckband is 190*2mAh, with a standby time of 250 hours. Fast-charging Type-C USB charging cable is included with the collar. Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Red are the five colours available with Collar Classic Pro.

Mivi Collar Flash

Deep bass and exceptional clarity are features of the audio performance provided by Mivi Collar Flash and is down to a price of Rs 799. Collar flash offers quick charging and a 24-hour playback time on a 45-minute full charge. Additionally, after only 10 minutes of charging, it offers a full 10 hours of playback duration.
The earphones can produce an active, powerful, and inspirational sound while maintaining a high bass level thanks to the strong 10mm dynamic drivers, which produce a clear and punchy sound and harmonise every available note.

Rock and Roll

The Mivi Rock and Roll E5 earbuds are down to an affordable price of Rs. 249 with ongoing Republic Day Sale and assert that they will provide a rich audio experience. It has a 10mm neodymium driver to enhance the sound. It provides strong bass and is appropriate for users seeking potent outputs. It has a built-in microphone to provide you with a clean communication experience. The Mivi Rock and Roll E5 earphones make hearing hassle-free with their tangle-free cable, CNC earbuds, and L-shaped jack.


The Duopods M80 has a large battery life of roughly 30 hours, Type-C charging, aptX codec support, touch controls, Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, IPX4 water resistance rating, and many more features. The Mivi Duopods are truly wireless earphones with a tonne of features and comfortable, lightweight earbuds that suit most ears. The Mivi Duopods M80 are mostly made of plastic, with the charging case being matte black in colour and the earbuds themselves being glossy. These duopods are available on Amazon at Rs. 1999.

Thunderbeats 2

The neckband-style Mivi Thunderbeats 2 earphone is offered in five eye-catching colours. Despite being composed of plastic, it has a high-end metallic feel. Magnetic earbuds are included with Mivi Thunderbeats 2. The Mivi earphones provide a secure fit. The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 neckband earbuds are simple to connect to a smartphone. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to cellphones and other devices. While viewing movies and listening to music, the Mivi Thunderbeats 2 produces crystal-clear audio without any distortion.

Collar 2

There are six colour variations for Mivi's Collar 2, including green, orange, red, and black. Three different pairs of detachable earbuds are included with the device and is priced at just Rs. 899 with the Republic day offer on Amazon.

In addition, there is a magnetic buds lock. MEMS microphone is included in the Collar 2 for better voice quality. It is Bluetooth 5.O compatible. Additionally, it incorporates a 3-button in-line remote for managing calls and music. It supports playback, pausing, accepting, and rejecting calls. By pressing a button, the built-in microphone may also call up speech services like Siri or Google Assistant. The earphones can be used simultaneously with two different devices.