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Five Products that will make her Women's Day special

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International Women's Day which is celebrated across the globe on 8th March is just around the corner. This day is celebrated to recognise women’s achievements in their respective fields. Although most women aren’t expecting a gift on this day, why not surprise them and make their day even more special?


We have curated a list of gifts across different price ranges which would help the women in your life stay healthy, happy and stylish:


Cold Press Juicer:

You can juice your fruits and veggies the healthy way with Hestia’s cold press juicer. Cold press juices are more nutritious than regular juices as they slowly squeeze out the natural juice extracts. The Hestia has some great options in cold press juicer that you can try.



Women love small gestures and efforts, so this women’s day you can gift your wife, girlfriend, mom or sister a brand-new lunchbox. You can take it up a notch and pack them a home cooked lunch yourself. You can checkout Homepuff which has a large range of good looking steel and glass lunchboxes.


Ergonomic Chair:

The women in your life deserve all the comfort in the world. To ensure that their back is well rested, you can give them an ergonomic chair. These chairs come with a lumbar support such that it could support their back during long hours of sitting and working on the screen. You can check the Green Soul Cosmos High Back Premium Office Chair which looks very classy and would enhance the look of her work setup.


Laptop Sleeves:

A laptop sleeve makes for a perfect gift as it is easy on the pocket. You should definitely check out the sleeves by Aircase as they come in fun and vibrant colours which would definitely help a woman make a statement at work.  They have some really good-looking options to choose from.


Cast Iron Tawa:

Did you know that a regular tawa comes with a Teflon coating? Did you also know that Teflon is also used in paints? Well, that’s the hazard of using regular cookware. On our hunt to find healthier options to make food, we came across Homepuff’s range of cast iron cookware. A cast iron cookware is toxin-free and adds trace amount of iron to your food. A well thought gift like this will not only make your woman smile but also help her remain healthier in the longer run! That’s two wins for you.


Hope your find this list helpful and get cracking at ordering the perfect gifts for the women in your life.