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STEM Metaverse Launches Summer Camp to Inspire

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STEM Metaverse, a leading EdTech company that offers futuristic and innovative learning solutions for school students, is excited to announce the launch of its 3-month long online summer camp starting from 18th April 2023. 



This is the perfect way to excite young learners and make the most of their summer. This innovative camp is accessible to students in PAN India and offers a range of fun and engaging activities that encourage experiential learning. This high-quality camp is designed to excite young learners and provide valuable skills by dividing it into two parts - Explorer and Advance and is an ideal opportunity for kids to discover new skills and interests while also continuing their summer travel plans.


The Explorer camp is perfect for students to try out a new skill and see if it interests them, while the Advance camp enables students to dive deeper into their program of choice. Not just this, the summer camp features many of India’s best teachers from across the country, bringing the best resources and experiences for students.


Designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5, The Explorer camp gives a feel of a variety of programs like Creative Writing, Code a Game, Robotics, Indian Art forms, YouTubing and Become a Young Scientist, and Solving a Murder Mystery.


The Advanced Camp, on the other hand, is best suited for Middle schoolers. It is outcome oriented and gives students a detailed and practical understanding, with programs like Becoming a Published Author, Building an App-controlled Car, Advance Python, Decrypting Algorithms, and Acrylic Painting. This is a more rigorous outcome-oriented program wherein, your story will get published and sold, you will write full-fledged code, build databases, build an actual App controlled Car, and more.


"At STEM Metaverse, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the rapid global change in technology and innovation. Our summer camp is designed to provide an end-to-end practical learning platform for students, expanding STEM into STREAMM, which goes beyond just science and tech to offer a wider approach to Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math, and Mental Health," said CEO & Co-founder of STEM Metaverse, Mrs. Ritika Amit Kumar.



By participating in this summer camp, students can develop a passion for STEM, expand their knowledge, and gain valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. Additionally, the camp offers a fantastic opportunity for students to meet and engage with like-minded peers who share their interests. 


Students and parents can avail of a free demo class on any summer camp topic of their choice by registering at - or WhatsApp on 8527670388.


21st April 2023, India