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AMD's Radeon PRO W7000 Series – the most powerful professional graphics cards available now

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The AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series graphics cards are the world’s first professional graphics cards built on the advanced AMD chiplet design and the first to offer DisplayPort 2.1. They are designed for professionals to create and work with high-polygon count models seamlessly, deliver incredible image fidelity and color accuracy and run graphics and compute-based applications concurrently without disruption to workflows. Key features include:

  • AMD RDNA 3 Architecture – New AMD RDNA 3 compute units share resources between rendering, AI, and raytracing to offer more raytracing performance per compute unit than the previous generation.


  • Dedicated AI Acceleration and Second-Generation Raytracing  New AI instructions and increased AI throughput deliver over 2X more performance than the previous AMD RDNA 2 architecture, while second-generation raytracing technology delivers significantly higher performance than the previous generation.


  • Up To 48 GDDR6 Memory – Allows professionals and creators to work with the largest 3D models and environments, edit and layer complex timelines using the latest digital cinema cameras formats and render photorealistic, raytraced images with unparalleled quality.


  • AMD Radiance Display Engine with DisplayPort™ 2.1 Support – Supports the highest resolutions in addition to over 68 billion colors and offers support for higher refresh rate displays compared to competitive offerings. Display outputs support next-generation displays and multi-monitor configurations options, creating an ultra-immersive visual environment.


  • Certified for Leading Professional Applications – AMD continues to work with leading professional software application vendors to ensure AMD Radeon PRO graphics cards are built for demanding 24/7 environments and tested to meet exceptional standards, delivering the ideal balance of performance and stability. The list of certified applications can be found on the AMD Website.


The AMD Radeon PRO W7900 and Radeon PRO W7800 graphics cards are available today beginning at an SEP of $3,999 and $2,499 USD respectively, from the following distributors:


  • Americas – Exxact




  • APAC – Ask, Daewon and Ingram Micro