Nikon India Invites Budding Photographers and Videographers to Share Their Stories through 'Shutterbug' Contest Season 3 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Nikon India Invites Budding Photographers and Videographers to Share Their Stories through 'Shutterbug' Contest Season 3

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Nikon India Private Ltd. is delighted to launch the third season of its ‘Shutterbug,’ a digital photography and videography contest to recognize and reward the acumen of amateur, budding, and student photographers and videographers in India. For the past 3 years, the ‘Shutterbug’ contest has been inspiring participants to capture a moment in time that conveys a compelling story.


Speaking on the launch of the 3rd season of the campaign, Mr. Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. said, “India has a lot of potential and provides immense opportunity to the emerging photographers and videographers whose untapped talent is yet to be seen by the world. For 3 years running, the ‘Shutterbug’ contest has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing the raw talent our budding, amateur, and student photographers represent”.


“We are optimistic to see unique entries from every nook and corner of India, showcasing their unique perspective through their innovative approach to photography and videography. At the heart of this campaign is our fuel, the power of storytelling via images and videos,” he added.

The contest is open to participation to individuals aged between 15 to 35 years at any stage of their photography journey (amateur, student, or sprouting) and in any field of photography and videography ranging from wildlife, fashion, fine arts, travel, landscape, etc.  It will be a contest running from 29th April to 29th May 2023 (both dates included) the entries to which can be submitted at or by uploading the photograph on Instagram, with the hashtag #ShutterbugSeason3 & #NikonContest & tag @NikonIndiaOfficial.


The theme for the 'Shutterbug 2023' contest is "Every Moment Tells a Story." It is an invitation to all photographers and videographers to submit a photograph or video that captures a moment from their daily lives. The beauty of this theme lies in its simplicity, as it allows entrants to showcase a moment from any day, as no two days are alike. Some days may uplift us, while others may challenge us. The theme also leaves room for interpretation, as entrants can choose to showcase their surroundings and how they spend their days.

A distinguished panel of photography experts comprising Mr.Tapas Miridha, Ms. Bhumi Kelaiya, and Ms. Surya Shahi will be evaluating the contest submissions. Three lucky winners will be announced by Nikon and rewarded with their top-of-the-line cameras and lenses.

The first prize winner will receive a bounty of prizes worth up to INR 1,37,990, which includes the much-coveted Nikon Z fc camera, accompanied by the NIKKOR Z DX 18-140 mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens. The second-place winner will be awarded prizes worth up to INR 1,05,995, which includes the impressive Nikon Z 50 camera, along with NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR and NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR lenses. Finally, the third-place winner will be granted prizes worth up to INR 73,495, which includes the remarkable Nikon Z 30 camera, accompanied by the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens.


Nikon India extends a warm invitation to all photographers and videographers in India to participate in this exhilarating opportunity to not only showcase their skills but also to let the photography fraternity recognize their untapped talent.  Nikon India looks forward to seeing the exceptional photographs and the stories they tell.

New Delhi, May 05, 2023