Mr.Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, World of Play in an Interview - World of Play - one-stop destination for consumer electronics - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Mr.Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, World of Play in an Interview - World of Play - one-stop destination for consumer electronics

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1. Can you tell us how PLAY, a leading smart-wearable brand, ensures customer satisfaction through its exclusive PAHS policy, which offers door-to-door service?


At PLAY, we recognize the significance of ensuring customer satisfaction and make every effort to deliver the finest service imaginable to our valued customers. Our exclusive PAHS policy exemplifies our commitment to customer contentment. This policy entails offering door-to-door service, guaranteeing that if a customer encounters any problem with their PLAY smart-wearable product, we will arrange pick-up and drop-off services. By doing so, we ensure that customers are spared the inconvenience of having to go out of their way to receive the required repair or service.


2. How does PLAY make it easy for customers to access and understand the user manual or instructions for their smart-wearable products?

We prioritize the accessibility and user-friendliness of our smart-wearable products for all customers. To ensure a seamless experience, we provide user manuals and instructions that are simple to comprehend, accessible in both print and online formats. Additionally, our support team is readily accessible to address any inquiries or issues regarding the usage of our products.


3. Can you explain how PLAY ensures that customers have no difficulties with the installation or setup of their smart-wearable products?

The process of setting up a new device can be daunting. However, we have made it our priority to simplify the installation and setup experience for our smart wearable products. We offer step-by-step instructions that are designed to be easy to follow, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Moreover, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist customers with any questions or issues they may encounter along the way. You can rely on us to provide the guidance and assistance you need to get your device up and running smoothly.


4. How does PLAY inform customers about potential risks or side effects associated with using their smart-wearable products?

Customer safety is our top priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that our smart-wearable products are accompanied by explicit cautionary information regarding any potential hazards or adverse effects. This allows us to keep our customers well-informed before they embark on using our products. Additionally, we offer comprehensive instructions on the proper and safe usage of our products, enabling customers to steer clear of any possible risks.


5. How does PLAY provide timely and adequate support to customers when they encounter issues with their smart-wearable products?

We acknowledge that customers may encounter difficulties with their smart-wearable products from time to time. Hence, we have established a specialized customer support team that operates round the clock, providing assistance for any concerns customers might face. Our team comprises extensively trained professionals who are well-prepared to offer prompt and comprehensive support, ensuring uninterrupted usage of our products for our valued customers.


6. Does PLAY offer customers the opportunity to return or exchange their products if they are defective or do not meet expectations?

PLAY provides customers with the option to return or exchange their products in case of defects or unmet expectations. Our return and exchange policy is straightforward, detailing the necessary steps for customers to obtain a refund or replacement. Our commitment lies in ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our customers and instilling confidence in their purchases.