Starlight Gaming successfully concludes the open BETA phase of 'Raider SIX' and comes out with upgraded Features - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Starlight Gaming successfully concludes the open BETA phase of 'Raider SIX' and comes out with upgraded Features

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~ Raider SIX: India’s first Battle Royale Action Game, introduces enhanced Features ~

~ Reaching a staggering 2 million downloads in just a month, Starlight Gaming wraps up the open Beta phase of Raider SIX and releases the full version of the game based on users’ preferences ~




'Raider SIX', India’s first Battle Royale game conceptualized for Indian gamers, was successfully launched by Starlight Gaming, the Indian division of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC, a major gaming company based in Taiwan. The launch of ‘Raider SIX’ garnered a lot of enthusiasm and applause from the Indian gaming community and amassed an unbelievable 2 million subscribers in just a month during its BETA phase.

Following a thrilling and tremendously successful launch in the Open BETA phase, the ‘Raider SIX’ game has sparked a gaming revolution and captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. A testament to the game's unrestrained popularity is the fact that the gaming community's sheer voracity has driven its overall consumption of ‘Element U’ to an astounding 10 billion units and its acquisition to an awe-inspiring 27.6 billion units. Furthermore, 44 million battles have been fought in the hotly contested ‘Bounty Mode’, where warriors compete to establish their dominance. The ‘Werewolf Mode’, on the other hand, has seen about 5 million riveting battles by gamers.

To give its fans, the greatest possible gaming experience, Starlight Gaming modified and added new elements to the game "Raider SIX," which is based on Indian culture and spirit. Players can now immerse themselves in action-packed battles, thrilling gameplay, and experience unlimited revival opportunities. The game features a vast arsenal of intriguing weapons, heart-pounding helicopter escape missions, a robust trading system, and exciting draw activities, promising endless hours of gaming excitement.

The full version of the game is now available for users and players can embark on a new gaming journey with the newly activated "Bunny Rewards" event for two weeks. They can now experience the thrill of Venom weapons and crests which will be added in DRAW and Advanced Weapon Crest.  Additionally, gamers can enjoy double odds for Weapon and Character Fragments, by unlocking the coveted character, Zoya, as a top-up reward. With the addition of such immersive features in ‘Raider SIX’, it is truly an incredible opportunity for gamers to dive into thrilling adventures and reap amazing rewards and the period of Werewolf Assault is revised to permanent. 

To elevate the gaming experience to the next level, the team has introduced new paid packages and a button to display all the exciting weapons in ‘Raider SIX.’ The complete game includes UI optimization, which improves performance across all devices. Additionally, the development team has diligently worked on gameplay improvements and fixed big bugs to ensure smooth and seamless gaming. 


The newest version of ‘Raider SIX’ is expected to excite players with intriguing game modes, including Skirmish Mode, which launches on August 3 and allows players to play 4V4 (multiplayer game modes), and Base Defence, the PVE Mode (Player v/s Environment), which debuts on September 14 and requires players to defend their base from enemies by using a variety of weapons.

Get ready for an exhilarating gaming experience and experience the Epic Adventure of 'Raider SIX'! Download the full game version from [] and join the battle now!



Mumbai, 25th July 2023