Unleashing the Power of AI: Insights from Industry Titans on AI Appreciation Day - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Unleashing the Power of AI: Insights from Industry Titans on AI Appreciation Day

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AI has become a powerful tool that has the potential to shape various aspects of our lives. It’s essential to acknowledge the myriad of benefits that AI brings to our world. From enhancing efficiency & automation to fueling breakthrough innovations & delivering personalized experiences, AI is transforming industries & revolutionizing the way we live & work. With the ongoing efforts taken by industry veterans like Google, IBM, Microsoft, we can expect even greater advancements, unlocking new possibilities & shaping a brighter future powered by AI. 


On AI Appreciation Day, below are the expert opinions on the importance of trust in AI and the steps needed to establish it. In this story, we present their insightful perspectives and strategies for fostering trust in the age of AI.


AI to reshape & revolutionize lives - Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Addverb. “AI continues to shape and revolutionize our lives in unimaginable ways, spanning across various industries such as healthcare, transportation, finance, and entertainment. As we celebrate the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence, we recognize its transformative impact on supply chain and warehouse automation. At Addverb, we have implemented AI through our robots and automation system, to transform traditional warehouses into autonomous distribution centres, by optimising different aspects like storage, picking,sorting, and shipping of goods. Convergence of AI and human expertise creates a powerful synergy, resulting in lower operational costs, higher productivity & accuracy and also enhancing worker safety.”


Ensuring AI Security and Protection - Ritesh Chopra, Director Sales and Field Marketing, India & SAARC Countries, Norton. “AI can be both a method for carrying out cyberattacks as well as a way to protect against them. With the expansion of tools such as ChatGPT, attackers can more easily generate human-like text to carry out their social engineering attacks, which rely on tricking someone into giving up confidential information. By playing on people’s emotions and natural tendency to trust, social engineers are able to manipulate people into divulging sensitive information like passwords and bank account details. With ever growing frequency and sophistication of attacks, it grows harder for people to distinguish between legitimate and malicious communications. At Norton, we are innovating to help protect people from these ever-evolving threats, both through our products and services as well as by educating people about scams.”


Transformative Impact of AI in Talent Acquisition - Lokesh Nigam, Co-founder and Director, Kognoz. Artificial intelligence is an expansive field with profound implications, especially in human resource management. HR departments increasingly rely on AI to inform decisions related to hiring, employee development, and retention. On this AI Appreciation Day, Kognoz celebrates the transformative impact of AI in talent acquisition. By harnessing cutting-edge conversational intelligence, we have revolutionized traditional hiring methods. Our platform empowers client companies, delivering unmatched efficiency, cost savings, and a competitive advantage. With advanced AI capabilities, we provide a leading-edge solution that optimizes the hiring process and outperforms competitors. Let's honor the incredible potential of AI to revolutionize talent acquisition and unlock boundless opportunities for organizations worldwide.”


Building trust in AI is a collective effort involving industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and individuals. By prioritizing security, ethical practices, user empowerment, collaborative standards, and education, we can establish a foundation of trust in AI. As we celebrate AI Appreciation Day, let us embrace these expert insights and work towards a future where AI technologies serve as trustworthy and reliable companions in our daily lives.