Vu Launches the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Priced @ Rs.6,00,000 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Vu Launches the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Priced @ Rs.6,00,000

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Made with high-quality materials and advanced features, the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV brings the cinema theatre to your home




• The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV features a massive screen with 1000 Nits brightness, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ content and brings the cinema theatre to your home


• With a built-in 204Watt DJ Subwoofer the TV offers powerful and immersive audio


• Specially made 100% anti-glare screens allow for placement in brightly lit and sun-lit rooms 

Vu Televisions, the fastest growing large sized TV maker in India, has launched the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV. Customers can now get the cinema theatre experience with their favourite OTT content, sports, serials and news from the comfort of their home. It is priced at INR 6, 00,000 and can be exclusively purchased on Amazon.

“We are thrilled to launch the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV, a true testament to luxury and innovation. Vu has been THE innovator in large sized TVs having launched an 84 inch TV back in 2012 and the first and only 100 inch TV in the world in 2018. OTT has brought content from all over the world to the home of Indian consumers. 

With the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV, Vu is bringing the cinema theatre to the home of the Indian consumer,” said Devita Saraf, Founder and Chairperson of Vu. Commenting on the launch, Ranjit Babu, Director, Wireless & Home Entertainment at Amazon, “We at Amazon work tirelessly to provide our customers the widest choice of TVs in India, across screen sizes and features. The launch of the ultra-large Vu masterpiece series further fortifies our range, providing customers who want premium TVs with the best viewing experience that money can buy. 

The Private Jet experience The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV is built using 3000 Tensile Aerospace-grade aluminium, drawing inspiration from private jets. The strength and aesthetics of this material ensures that the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV has a sleek design making it easy to wall mount, table mount or use as a room partition. 


The TV's large screen offers an immersive viewing experience with its 1000 Nits brightness, delivering vibrant colours and lifelike visuals through support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content. Theatre Experience for your favourite OTT content To complement the visual experience, the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV includes a built-in 204Watt DJ Subwoofer, delivering clear and deep audio for an immersive experience. Additionally, the TV supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing easy pairing with external speakers for a customizable audio setup. 

A plug and play home theatre The screens are 100% Anti-Glare and have a 120Hz Refresh Rate so they can be placed in brightly lit, sun-lit rooms as well as rooms with spot lighting – all of its absorbed into its A+ grade black screen. No need to construct single function dark rooms that are needed for home theatres. Easy to Install and Easy to Use The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV offers versatile placement options, allowing for easy wall-mounting, table placement, or even use as a room partition. 


Its design is aesthetically pleasing from both the front and back, making it a visually appealing centrepiece that suits any interior decor. The TV prioritizes user convenience and provides a user-friendly interface suitable for individuals of all ages. Setting up the TV is hassle-free, eliminating the need for room redesign, complex cabling and external technical help.

Mumbai, July 19th, 2023