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BenQ announces ZOWIE EC-CW wireless mouse for Esports

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BenQ India, a leading consumer electronics firm, announces the launch of the ZOWIE EC-CW series which is the new wireless mice range for Esports enthusiasts. The brand has encountered high demand from the Esports community who have been eagerly waiting for a wireless mouse. ZOWIE is the preferred brand for wired mice by Esports athletes across the globe, and after careful research and feedback from the community, the EC-CW wireless mouse series is announced. This cutting-edge product combines advanced technology, ergonomic design, and extensive R&D to offer gamers an unrivaled gaming experience.



Measurement studies in sports science have suggested that in prolonged uses and with frequent clicks, EC's shape allows comfortable finger and forearm posture and thus ensures endurance. The mouse reduces the fatigue of flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (FCU) when doing fast clicking. If the athlete’s usual gameplay requires more vertical movements, EC3-CW with shorter overall length might be the perfect choice.



ZOWIE, BenQ’s Esports brand, took its time to make sure that the wireless mice have a delicate design and enhanced connection stability. Moreover, it prioritized providing cable-free mobility as well as higher resistance to transmission interference. Each wireless mouse comes with a unique standalone enhanced wireless receiver, and an enhanced antenna at the front tip. The combination of the receiver and the antenna ensures that chances of unexpected interference, that are commonly experienced while using other wireless mice currently available in the market, are minimized.



One of the key features of the ZOWIE EC-CW Wireless Mouse is its asymmetrical ergonomic design. Furthermore, the ZOWIE EC-CW Wireless Mouse offers reduced weight, resulting in a lightweight and nimble device. This reduction in weight enhances the overall maneuverability of the mouse, allowing gamers to swiftly navigate their virtual worlds with utmost precision and accuracy.



The 24-step scroll wheel is another notable feature of the ZOWIE EC-CW Wireless Mouse. This enhanced scroll wheel provides gamers with precise control over their in-game actions, enabling swift weapon switching, and item selection



Equipped with the state-of-the-art 3370 sensor, the ZOWIE EC-CW Wireless Mouse delivers exceptional tracking accuracy and responsiveness. This advanced sensor ensures minimal latency, translating even the most subtle hand movements into precise in-game actions. The sensor's high tracking speed and precision make it the ideal companion for competitive gaming, giving players a significant advantage over their opponents.




New Delhi, 03 August