Škoda Auto India Introduces Exchange Carnival for August 2023 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Škoda Auto India Introduces Exchange Carnival for August 2023

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- Company offers incredible exchange offers for owners of all cars


- Benefits starting from Rs 60,000


- Carnival ensures hassle-free, single window drive-in-drive-out facility


- Exchange support offers a complimentary service package of upto 4 years


- Support ensures August is the best month to purchase and exchange for a Škoda





 Continuing with its slew of model updates and customer service initiatives, Škoda Auto India launched an Exchange Carnival for August 2023. It includes a host of customer-friendly deals, discounts and service, maintenance, and warranty packages to further enhance the ownership experience of their new Škoda cars.



The Exchange Carnival aims to provide value and a great ownership experience to customers looking to buy a Škoda. The Exchange Carnival for August 2023 makes sure customers have a memorable and high value car purchase and exchange experience with some incredible maintenance and warranty packages that ensure customers continue enjoying Škoda cars, with a hassle-free ownership experience.


Under the Exchange Carnival, Škoda Auto India offer benefits of upto Rs 60,000 and corporate benefits of upto Rs 70,000. A customer can, if they so wish, drive in with their existing car and drive out with a Škoda for the quickest and hassle-free, single-window, single-time exchange, purchase and documentation experience ensuring the highest possible value for their existing car and a slew of purchase benefits, maintenance, and warranty packages for their brand new Škoda.


Apart from the best valuation for their older cars under this Exchange Carnival, customers also get a complimentary Service and Maintenance Package for 4 years for their all new Škoda cars. Besides this, customers will gain extended warranty benefits of upto Rs 4,000 making this exchange carnival the ideal time to fetch immense value for their old cars and bag warranty and maintenance packs for an unparalleled ownership experience with their Škodas.

Chennai, August 22, 2023