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Technology Solutions for Digital World's Safety And Privacy

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1. How do you perceive Norton's mission of creating technology solutions for safe and confident digital experiences?


We create technology solutions for people to take full advantage of the digital world, safely, privately, and confidently. People bank, shop, learn and connect from anywhere. They use voice assistance in homes and cars to navigate their lives. And send money to friends and stores with digital wallets. That’s just the freedom digital life allows today. Which is why Norton empowers millions of individuals and families with award-winning protection for their devices, online privacy, and identity. Protecting people is what inspires us!



2. What do you think about Norton's emphasis on providing seamless and secure digital experiences?


Passion for our customers is part of our operating philosophy whether in product, data privacy & protection, as self-help, post contact, partner relationships or renewal. This shows up as millions of customers trust Norton with their personal information around the globe.


For instance, unlike the long-standing conventional industry practice of delivering antivirus for PCs, Norton's membership levels are based on the number of devices. In addition to Parental Control to help you protect your children online, a Password Manager to store and manage your passwords, and PC Cloud Backup, Norton 360 offers comprehensive malware protection for up to 10 PCs, Macs, Android, or iOS devices. Even when using a public Wi-Fi network, SafeWeb makes it possible for you to browse the web more securely. SafeCam warns you about unwanted webcam access and assists you in blocking it.



3. How do you see Norton's role in the digital freedom revolution?


By offering a selection of simple-to-use products and services that enable individuals to fully embrace their digital lives, our mission is to empower digital freedom. We develop solutions that meet people where they live, whether you are a student, parent, gamer, digital nomad, frequent traveler, or all of the above. 



We are moving beyond online security. Norton is committed to enabling Digital Freedom and opportunities for future generations. This commitment is rooted in our tradition of safeguarding the first digital generations. Millions of  people use our goods and services globally and we block 6,000 cyber threats globally. Our trust-based solutions will help them all enjoy richer, safer digital lives. We'll contribute to the definition of what it means to live freely in the future's digital society.



4. What are your expectations for Norton's future developments and offerings in the next 6-8 months?


There are a number of areas that we’re committed to as a brand. One big focus is helping users protect themselves against scams and phishing – the types of attacks that involve human manipulation. 



Data from Gen finds that, in 2023, 75% of all threats on desktop are scams or phishing. As the threat landscape shifts, we’re working on additional products and services to help protect users against these scams. 



Digital identity is another area of study. We're introducing tools that search the Dark Web for compromised information to assist people defend their digital identities, enabling them to act before their identities are compromised or financial theft has occurred.



5. Please add or share regarding anything that you want to highlight on Norton as a brand, it's values, or customer experiences with the products and services.


As mentioned at the beginning – Protecting People is what inspires us! We are advocates for our customers and are dedicated to making their lives simpler and safer. We are driven by the positive impact we can have on all the communities in which we live and work.  As the foremost global brand in consumer Cyber Safety, we draw upon our extensive presence in 150 countries and four decades of expertise in consumer cybersecurity. 


This enables us to develop a tailored go-to-market strategy specifically designed for India, providing access to the most advanced and cutting-edge consumer cyber safety solutions available.



Attributes : Mr. *Ritesh Chopra, Director Sales & Field Marketing, India and SAARC Countries at Norton.