Vu TVs Premieres Vu Cinema TV 2024 Edition - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Vu TVs Premieres Vu Cinema TV 2024 Edition

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Starting at Rs.25,999 for the 43-inch 4K TV and Rs.34,999 for the 55-inch 4K TV



Let's go to the Cinema, at home! 







Save money on expensive movie theatre tickets and overpriced snacks, have a movie night at home every day!



Get dialogue clarity with 50-Watt Side Tube Speakers and Dolby Audio and switch off subtitles.



Cinema picture quality, always at your home with 400 Nits Brightness and IPS Panel with Trumotion.



Now includes Airplay and 2-way Bluetooth.







Vu Televisions, India's luxury television brand, known for its superior quality, innovation, and impeccable design in the television industry, is all set to launch the Vu Cinema TV 2024 Edition. The Vu Cinema TV 2024 boasts top-of-the-line features and state-of-the-art design, all at a competitive price point. The new Vu Cinema TV 2024 comes in two sizes - 43-inches for Rs.25,999 and 55-inches for Rs.34,999 respectively. With the growing popularity of OTT content, consumers have struggled to understand dialogues and tend to turn on subtitles. Vu has innovated special 50-watt tube speakers concealed at the back of the TV to give best voice clarity so that every dialogue is understood clearly with the best sound effects.  Also, this television now comes with AirPlay connectivity, especially made for iPhone users to connect their mobile phone content to their Vu Cinema TV.





“The Vu Cinema TV completely redefined the Indian television industry by giving consumers a true cinema theatre experience in their homes with theatrical picture and sound quality while saving money on expensive tickets and snacks! A fan-favourite since its launch in January 2020, this television has received multiple awards and has an average of 4.5/5 stars on e-commerce platforms for customer satisfaction. The Vu Voice Remote has a Cinema mode and Cricket mode – to enhance picture and sound quality based on the movie and to get 100% ball visibility for the IPL and upcoming T20 World Cup. With all the latest movies coming on OTT within a month of theatre release, the Vu Cinema TV is a complete entertainer for a home theatre experience every day!” said Ms. Devita Saraf - Founder, CEO of Vu Televisions.





With specially designed side-firing Tube Speakers carefully concealed at the rear of the TV, you'll experience crystal-clear sound and perfect dialogue clarity like never before. With a powerful power output of 50W, our Side Tube Speakers offer a rich sound that places you in every scenario, ensuring that every whisper and detail of voice is heard with crystal clarity. Whether you're catching up on your favorite series, watching an exciting movie, or enjoying the latest blockbuster, our Dolby Audio enhancement enhances the vocal experience by bringing cinematic sound quality into your living room.





The Vu Cinema TV is designed for improving the experience of shared viewing with cutting-edge features. A stunning 4K IPS display with enhanced brightness reaching up to 400 nits, the Vu Cinema TV 2024 ensures that every frame has vibrant colours and crisp detail, whether it's the middle of the day or the quiet hours of the evening. And here's the best part - no matter where you're seated in the room, you'll experience the same immersive visuals.





With the Vu Cinema TV 2024, you can transform any room into a movie theatre! Voice commands allow you to easily search and view any movie, program, or documentary. This TV runs webOS and is equipped with 1000+ apps, including major ones like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, as well as a large selection of Indian content. Using voice search and dedicated streaming app buttons, you can quickly navigate through all of your entertainment selections. What you'll find most entertaining is the existence of a special remote hotkey labelled "MOVIES." When pressed, it brings all movie content from various platforms onto one screen so you've got tons of options to pick from, all in one place!




Vu Cinema TV 2024 is the only TV that's compatible with Apple AirPlay, allowing those with iOS devices to easily stream content from their phones directly to the big screen. With two-way Bluetooth capabilities, you can listen to your favourite playlist from your mobile device to the TV's speakers. Furthermore, its dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities assures seamless connectivity offering you more entertainment options with less effort.




The Vu Cinema TV 2024 is not just a television; it's a gateway to immersive entertainment experiences that bring the cinema right into your living room. With its cutting-edge features and innovative technology, the Vu Cinema TV is set to redefine the way Indians experience home entertainment.




In addition to its availability in India, the Vu Cinema TV 2024 will also be launched in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain) and Africa, further expanding its reach to cater to a global audience. In India, the Vu Cinema TV 2024 will be available on Flipkart and retailers across India starting from April 23rd 2024 at 12noon. The new Vu Cinema TV 2024 comes in two size 43-inches for Rs.25,999 and 55-inches and Rs.34,999 respectively.





Mumbai, 23rd April, 2024