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Singing App Spotlite Connects Music Talents To Trends And Audiences

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Spotlite is a mobile app with a vision of bringing together singing and making friends; a vision it has made a reality in India. As a music platform for young people, Spotlite has attracted over 10 million music lovers, who are empowered to show their talent and get connected online, whenever and wherever.

Among Spotliters, there are hundreds of well-known influencers from social media who joined the app to better interact with their fans through instant messaging and live streaming. Spotlite said they are happy to see star influencers like YouTuber Amaan Shah, who boasts 141,000 subscribers and has recorded 12 video songs on Spotlite within his first month on the app.

Pranav Chandran's YouTube channel, which has millions of YouTube subscribers, said they would also soon be releasing their songs on the app to extend their fan base.

On top of the established singers, ordinary music lovers have also found themselves on Spotlite. Ankita Sinha is an engineer who uses the app in her spare time and has accumulated over 40,000 followers within three months.

Spotlite said they are honoured to serve the trendiest people and are confident they can help anyone become trendy as long as they love music and join the community.

Seeing the huge demand for social networking, the app has launched a new virtual concerts feature, where singers can perform together with fellow music talents. This feature, named 'Jam Space', allows people to create 'concert rooms' by themselves or join others' rooms to sing songs one by one online despite being on different locations.

In the rooms, Spotliters can chat with other viewers and gift performers they like. All virtual gifts won can be cashed out from the app.

With handsome rewards prepared, team Jam Space said they are seeking 100 passionate singers, amateurs and professionals alike, who are able to create rooms and attract live audiences.

The app also supports recorded songs in both audio and video format. The ones who perform above average get verified as Spotlite artists and enjoy special privileges.

Spotlite was launched in India in March 2018. It also serves millions of young people beyond the country. In 2017, Spotlite was proudly ranked No.10 in the US app store under the entertainment category.

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NEW DELHIIndia, Sept. 14, 2018