HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming (Mechanical) Keyboard : Full Review - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

HyperX is a well-known brand for its quality and reliability for manufacturing powerful Gaming products and accessories, whether its a Gaming Audio Headsets, Keyboards, Mouse or PC Hardware components. We got a HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard that we are going to review.

Product Briefs :

> HyperX Alloy keyboard’s Metal frame provides it a perfect toughness and durability

> For long life and reliability Alloy Elite RGB keyboard supports mechanical keys

> Its  Dynamic RGB Lighting Effects and Unique radiant light bar provides it an attractive looks

> HypeX Alloy Elite features a comfortable, Detachable Wrist Rest with soft-touch coating
> For advanced customization it comes with NGenuity software support

> It can store up to three favorite lighting & macro profile settings with its on-board memory

> Key Removal Tool comes with the keyboard in the box

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Mehanical Gaming Keyboard has everything that Gamers are looking for and they love to use. It looks pretty- premium- durable and it attain an eyeball catchy looks that would attract each and every gaming lover, for sure and it provides what they require for hardcore gaming. Its Alloy built makes it durable and on the other side its color - sleek looks - design and RGB backlit provides it a rich premium looks. It comes with 104keys including a numpad keys fitted on Solid Aluminum Metal body. It also equips dedicated and easy to use media keys, game mode key locks, profile recalls, keypad RGB lighting controls and volume control etc. it comes in a slim  sleek designed body.

Built & Design

On the outside, the Alloy Elite RGB sports the same sleek look of the Alloy Elite. A solid black aluminum body houses a full-sized 104/ 105 keys sitting on Cherry MX switches (Red, Blue, or Brown depending on your preference). Unlike the HyperX FPS Pro, the Alloy Elite RGB has a 10-key numpad, as well as dedicated switches for media keys, key-lighting brightness, profile recall, and game-mode key locking. To increase or decrease volume, you'll find a nifty - and easy to use - volume wheel in the board's top right-hand quadrant. Its functionality, keys, space and design, enable users to navigate keys easily to move across that also help enhance the user experience. 

Ngenuity - Software Support

HyperX provides discreet visuals and comes with a plug n play mechanics and customizable features and its RGB backlighting feature attracts gaming lovers. Gamers can customize HyperX Keyboard and Mouse controls, keys functions and features through Ngenuity Software that can be downloaded from its official website.
With the help of Nenuity Software Users can : 
- customize Keybord’s Game Mode or access library of game profile presets,
- setup key backlighting and sound effects,
- create and store macros and assign keys for a particular command,
- adjust mouse DPI settings, Battery life can also be monitored,
- save gaming profiles to its onboard memory.
Useful, Ngenuity software makes HyperX products customization very easy and according to the needs of the Gamers so that they can meet their requirements. But it needs much practice, before you can use this software because of its several features and a vast number of customizations. 


Due to ergonomically built design and toughness, Alloy Elite RGB performs flawlessly and it enhances the working & the gaming experience of the user while using. The Alloy Elite RGB performs exceptionally well ether hardcore Gaming or working for long hours on it, whereas some other keyboards starts squeaking key sound that is not seen in it at all. Its perfectly spaced Keys works very fine and smooth, while pressing it gets accurate impression perfectly.
Verdict :
Other products form different brands may be available in the market at lesser price but its quality – durability performance and its premium alloy design makes it a masterpiece overall, that wont let you down if you choose it and use it. So if you’re looking for a quality component along with brand reliability, you should go for it and you’ll definitely fall in love with it.

Key Removal Tool comes inbox 

You can buy this HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard  from amazon.in and from amazon.com
Warranty : 
HyperX company offers Two years warranty on this product.