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GCR And Innolux Explore Business Opportunities In Innovative Digital Solutions For Smart Retail

Innolux's display products will on-board GCR's platform, enhancing the portfolio of GCR's digital solutions in the smart retail field.

GCR is thrilled to welcome Innolux on board as one of its strongest solution partners in digital marketing. With assets totaling over $15 billion USD and employees more than 56,000 worldwide, Innolux is the world's third largest flat-panel maker now. This cooperation between the two companies will first focus on the LCD panels and touch panel screens for various digital signage solutions on GCR's platform, especially in the field of smart retail, and will be extended to government projects, education sector, and other verticals later on. So far, some progress has been made with certain retailers in India, thanks to Innolux's sophisticated panel technology and GCR's efforts from its local team. Global Channel Resources expects that these innovative applications in India's retail sector will create new shopping experiences for consumers in India.

Consumers are surrounded and affected by DOOH advertising every day, and digital signage has become an indispensable tool for a smart retailer to grab the consumers' attention, deliver clear messages, and engage consumers with interesting, interactive creatives. GCR's digital solutions for physical stores help retailers deploy cross platform marketing strategies using digital signage quickly, distribute, cast and fine tune personalized information, provide a Wi-Fi monetization system and video analytics, and further allow retailers to advertise based on facial recognition and sensor technologies. Innolux's digital signage displays with high resolution, high durability, and low power consumption can maximize the retailer's competitive edge. GCR is committed to improving the operational efficiencies and reducing costs by introducing new solutions for retailers.

Not only is digital signage transforming the retail experience, display makers are also transforming themselves into more service-oriented technology providers, seeking cross-domain business opportunities to avoid price competition. Innolux has identified its product lines and has geared up production to meet the emerging demands of AIoT, and smart retail serves a perfect fit for its PID (Public Information Display) modules, ranging from ultra-high-brightness PID, all-purpose interactive e-whiteboard, stripe display to expandable TV wall with extremely narrow bezel. GCR's abundant software, hardware, and integrated IoT solutions, seasoned front-line service support of its worldwide partners, and GCR's agile strategic thinking from years' of IoT project experience can best integrate and deliver Innolux' products at customers.

"While this cooperation between the two companies targets the worldwide market, GCR is particularly optimistic about the opportunities in India," said Andy Neo, Director, CEO of GCR. India's retail sector is estimated to grow at a significant rate in the upcoming years, thanks to the rising income, favorable demographics, and entry of several foreign players. "With Innolux's expertise in larger-sized panels, we can best present our digital solutions for physical stores when tapping the smart retail opportunities in India," added Andy Neo.

MUMBAI, INDIA, Oct. 11, 2019

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