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Doodle Collection Launches New 2020 Planners

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It's the new year — a time for new beginnings, new resolutions, goals, aspirations and a tool to remind everyone of a new planner. As the new decade approaches, it's time for something special — the Doodle 2020 Planner. Perfect for every multi-tasking woman, these are planners that can help organise every little aspect of life to the smallest detail.

Delivered in a pretty box with pages that are curated for convenience and ease, tools that can help organise life and pretty artworks running through the book that bring a smile. After all, planning is an art and even daily planner should be a thing of delight. Within these pages there is inspiration, travel goals, to-do lists, and all the fabulous things to list. These are organised to manage every detail of busy lives — from planning the next trip to setting notes, reminders, goals and appointments for the year.

The 2020 planners are a set of whimsical and beautiful but completely functional organisers. Combining quality, aesthetics and practicality, these planners are just what one needs to manage a crazy busy life. Each page has been carefully designed with artwork that elevates these planners to another level. Yet, it has a completely functional design for the modern women who juggle their work, family, time for self and social life. 

The 2020 Planner
The new collection is part of Doodle's extensive retail line. The 2020 planners are sleekly designed, multi-functional and available in soothing pastel colours. The planners are available in B5 size in PU leather as well as paper covers, offering choices from hard or soft bound options. The layout is designed with care and attention to every little detail to make sure it's convenient to plan every little aspect of one's crazy, busy lives, whether it is jotting down appointments, filling a travel log, setting goals for each month, remembering important dates or hopes, plans and dreams.

Doodle handles the entire manufacturing process — from in-house design to delivery. The company is known for its promptness and punctuality in design and delivery. One can order the 2020 planners from here:

An Attractive Organiser's Tool
Every page of the 2020 planner stands out for its beautiful artwork and design features that make it both attractive and functional. Instead of the usual dry and traditional format, Doodle has gone for appealing graphics and an innovative look. The artwork is especially designed to appeal to women who are looking for a practical organiser that combines quality with design flair.

Apart from the usual format, there are special categories that can help one plan ahead, set goals, reminders, and find everyday inspiration. There are special pages dedicated to travel 'Bucket List,' a reminder with 'Dates to Remember,' goals with 'Hopes Plans Dreams,' inspirational quotes, and messages. These categories are designed to aid goal-setting for the year. Neatly organised, the different categories allow one to mark important dates, goals, and notes. There are also innovative additions like 'Travel Log' where travel goals and experiences can be noted.