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Data Protection Bill | Quote From LoginRadius- A Leader In Customer Data And Identity Access Management

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"Indian data protection bill is expected to put the user as the controller of how personal data is shared and stored. 'Compliance' and 'consent' are going to be the most important topics in the board rooms for any consumer-focused business. Sectors to be most affected by this bill are hospitality, media, e-commerce, and finance at large.

Courtesy the data protection bill, the adoption of scalable and cloud-based digital identity solution, that is centred around the user's personal data security and privacy, would significantly surge. In addition to this, we can also foresee an increase in the IT expenditure encompassing the hiring of the cybersecurity workforce. It will be interesting for LoginRadius to be a part of the implementation journey in India.

Post the introduction, companies will proactively take certain measures such as electronic firewall and various other protection measures involving virus scanning, installation of security patches, vulnerability testing, backup, recovery planning, employee training, security audits, and other steps designed to constantly improve the personal and sensitive data protection procedures. They would also like to comply with and eventually get certified by the industry security standards (like GDPR) which, if highlighted, would give them an edge and lead to customer acquisition along with higher credibility.” 

LoginRadius is a Cloud-Based Customer Identity Management Platform and has been helping businesses secure their customers' identities. It offers customer identity and information security modules (compliant with GDPR and other global privacy acts) to serve businesses from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises with hundreds of millions of users. The LoginRadius platform is being used by over 150,000 websites worldwide and secures 1.17 billion user identities per month. LoginRadius is recognized as the leader in the CIAM space by KuppingerCole. It has seven established offices globally and with over 150 employees. Some of its partners include giants such as Conde'nast, Viacom, 21 Century Fox, Tone It Up, Bauer, Weather Network, etc.

The company has already raised funding worth $17 million. LoginRadius is looking for an aggressive expansion in India. It has operations both in India and across the globe, Their client portfolio includes many content viewing platforms in India, e-commerce and news sites.

Over the past five years, Rakesh Soni has been instrumental in growing LoginRadius from a tech startup to an industry leader in the Digital Identity space securing over 1 billion user identities worldwide. He raised about $20M of funding from Microsoft’s M12, ForgePoint Capital, Real Ventures, and more. As our lives become more digitalized, Rakesh aims to improve online experiences and provide cybersecurity for every internet user. He angles business development strategies to improve trust between customers and businesses by creating solutions in online security and privacy along with high-performance online experience. Ultimately, Rakesh wants to protect digital identities around the world, whether they’re freezing in Canada or surfing in Australia.

By Mr Rakesh Soni, Co-Founder and CEO, LoginRadius