German Brand Truke Launches True Wireless Earbuds And Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Earphones In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

·   Introducing the new Truke Fit 1, Truke Fit 2, Truke Yoga Power, Truke Yoga 1 and Truke Yoga 2 starting from Rs.799.

·   Engineered for the best on-the-go true wireless for calls and music experience - including an ‘Active Sports’ version for those doing sports

·   New integration for Google and Siri 

Truke, a brand with deep German roots has launched five best in its class products in the TWS and neckband categories of headsets. With this launch, Truke aims at capturing the rapidly growing branded headset industry in India which is growing at almost 10% CAGR. Truke’s headset and earbuds are engineered for experiential sound combined with the best voice and music delivery. 

As part of its first wave of product launches, Truke has launched five new products in the market, namely – Truke Fit 1, Truke Fit 2, Truke Yoga Power, Truke Yoga 1 and Truke Yoga 2. All these products are manufactured using high-quality materials and are based on cutting-edge technology. Truke products are currently available on (

Catering to the Indian market which is perhaps one of the largest in the world in average consumption of headsets per capita, Truke is showcasing five of its new products aimed at the millennial group. Deriving synergies from its German expertise in audio and music devices, each Truke product contains innovative technology like dual battery and ProBass along with gen-x design to ensure that users will always be delighted with exceptional sound quality and reception. 

With Google and Siri integration, Truke is at the forefront of humanizing technology for ease of use and mobility. In addition to best in class voice and music experience, the new range of Truke products come with unbeatable product quality and durability.

In launching the true wireless earbuds, Truke has changed the game by putting to use its long-standing know-how about user experience, ergonomics, and true wireless experience. These new earbuds have been innovated with the singular aim of delivering voice experience, amazing music quality and voice clarity that is unparalleled in the industry.

New Delhi, 16 December 2019