Air Ok’s Vistar Series Air Purifiers - The Best Solution For Air-Borne Pollutants - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Air Ok’s Vistar Series Air Purifiers - The Best Solution For Air-Borne Pollutants

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Revolutionary Technology Prevents the spread of Viruses and Germs-Trap & Kill Technology

IIT Madras incubated clean tech startup Air Ok Technologies is offering a range of air pollution solutions with its Vistar air purifier series, which is powered by indigenously made patented technology of Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrester (EGAPA). The induction of advanced technology has made the Vistar air purifier series the best choice for those who work or reside in mechanically ventilated indoor spaces.

The exclusive purifiers offered by Air Ok Technologies are the only air purifiers in India that can reduce Carbon Dioxide levels in the air. Along with CO2, the purifiers arrest several other acidic gases, Particulate Matter up to 0.1 microns, Bacterial contamination and fungal infections caused due to airborne particles ensuring the cleanliness and liveliness of atmosphere in offices and homes.

The Vistar series of air purifiers come with a Uni-Touch interface, making them an easy-to-use tool for those not well versed with technical nuances. Other attributes of the purifiers include a state-of-the-art glass look and low noise generation. These factors make them the most appropriate choice for office usage.

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And that’s not all, as users can have control of the machine on their mobile phones, owing to its Wi-Fi and Cloud connectivity.

In an era where infectious diseases like Coronavirus have emerged as a menace, the Vistar air purifiers can come to the rescue by putting a check on air-borne illnesses.

The purifiers are available within the price range of Rs. 25,000 upto Rs. 2 lacs, based on different features, coverage area and capabilities. Available in offline stores and soon will be available online also.