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PayU Witnesses 70% Reduction In Merchant Queries After Launch Of Assist Feature

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~PayU Assist reduced query resolution time from 25 hours to 2 hours; merchant queries fell from 2300 to 650 a week~

PayUIndia’s leading online payment solutions provider, is pleased to announce the success of its PayU Assist feature. PayU Assist - an automated customer service experience - has achieved a remarkable 70% reduction in weekly merchant queries and 95% reduction in retail buyer queries, since its launch last year. The average resolution time for queries has lowered from 25 hours in September 2019 to as low as 2 hours in December 2019, ensuring that businesses face as little delay as possible. 

The app is an automated self-service feature thanks to which, merchant queries fell from an average of 2300 a week to 650 a week. Merchants have access to support around the clock, 24 by 7, and are able to solve queries on their own, reducing delays and leading to faster resolution.

Customer service for payment gateways usually entails email-based communication, resulting in delayed query resolution. In particular, small and medium merchants need prompt and specialised assistance. With this feature, PayU has unified the capabilities of FAQs, chatbot and query management in a single service engine. Powered by advanced technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, PayU Assist has transformed the entire merchant experience. 

Approximately 3500 merchants visit PayU Assist on a weekly basis, of whom 74% have given the app a ‘100% satisfaction’ score. PayU aims to increase this percentage of satisfied merchants from 74% to 90%.

New Delhi, March 19, 2020