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AOC Monitors To Feel The Comfort & Enhance Your Productivity While Work From Home

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-      Larger screen, more comfortable viewing angles
-      Flicker free display and low blue light for optimum eye care and greater comfort

More and more people are now shifting their workplaces into their homes. Just because people are working from home doesn’t essentially mean they have to use laptops. A separate monitor can really boost productivity thanks to the extra space, larger screen, more comfortable viewing angles, wider images and extra screen space for graphical application. Here are some recommended AOC models that will make your feel much more comfortable working than you would if you had to squint over your small laptop screen all day.

1. AOC C24V1H/WS

Discover a truly immersive viewing experience with the AOC monitor that is curved more deeply than any other.  The all-new 24” AOC curved monitor, C24V1H/WS model embodies a white glossy finish & a silver stand and is available at leading retail outlets at INR 12,500. With larger displays, the curved screen wraps around for an engaging experience, ensuring that the consumer is at the center of the action.

Being a pioneer in the display technology, AOC has introduced the deepest curved monitor in the 24” segment. Wrapping around the field of vision like an IMAX theatre screen, this monitor, with its 1500mm radius of arc creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimizes peripheral distractions to draw deeper in to the content. The monitor entails well-built design with frameless panel and nice picture quality. The technology implemented ensures a flicker free display and low blue light for optimum eye care and greater comfort. So those long hours in front of the screen will no longer be stressful for your eyes.

2. AOC B2 Series
With modernized design and crisp Full HD images, users can enjoy streaming with wide viewing angles of up to 178° and eye-soothing LowBlue and FlickerFree technologies with the latest B2 series. The all new range of borderless AOC B2 Series available in 27”, 24” and 22” screen size are priced at INR 18,500, INR 10,500 and INR 9,500 respectively. The design is ultra-slim and sleek that minimizes the use of desk space while making it easy to move around. The e-Saver technology enables low power configuration that gets activated when the monitor is in screen saving mode, the user is away from the screen, or when the PC is switched off, ultimately reducing energy bills and contributing to a greener environment. Built-in convenient multitasking Screen+ SoftwareScreen+ Software splits the desktop into different panels, each showing a different window. This makes multitasking and switching between windows a much simpler and more organized process making this a perfect option for a work desktop.