Morepen Labs Takes Up The COVID Battle With Its Infrared Thermometers, Hand Sanitizers And Face Masks In Indian Market - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Company gets license to manufacture Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Morepen Laboratories Ltd. is all set to be a frontrunner in India’s fight against Novel Coronavirus Disease (popularly referred to as COVID-19). The company has launched a wide range of essential products being required to combat the growing menace of COVID-19 and to prevent further spread of this disease in the country. These include non-contact Infrared Thermometers, alcohol-based Hand SanitizersHand WashHand Rubs and Face Masks, all under its umbrella brand – Dr. Morepen.

The Company has also received license to manufacture Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from State Drug Controller (HP) last week for its Baddi plant in Himachal Pradesh and is working towards commercializing the production of HCQ in both API as well as tablets form. HCQ is a prescription based drug commonly being recommended to Corona patients under treatment for the disease. India is taking a lead in supplying HCQ to the rest of the world including USAIndia is the largest producer of HCQ and will continue to retain its leadership position in this time of crisis.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers measure temperature by Infrared rays from a distance without any physical contact with the person whose temperature is to be measured. These thermometers swiftly measure temperature from a distance of 1cm-5cm from the forehead of a person entering any public place like a hotel, airport, factory, office or any religious place. These are widely being used across the world to detect potential Corona carriers. These are battery-operated, handy and easy to use thermometers, which do not require any trained technicians.

The company has also expanded its range of ‘Alcohol based Sanitizers’, ‘Hand Wash’, ‘Hand Rubs’ and ‘Face Masks under the brand ‘Dr. Morepen Protect’. The company is manufacturing sanitizers as per Govt. of India approved formula with 70% isopropyl alcohol and has also introduced a product with 83% ethyl alcohol (WHO formula). Further, ‘Hand Sanitizers’ and ‘Hand Rub’ produced by the company also contain moisturizers like Aloe Vera, which helps in preventing hands dryness if applied multiple times in a day. The wide variety of Dr. Morepen hand sanitizers catering to cross section of consumers like individuals, commercial establishments, hospitals and government bodies are being supplied in various pack sizes ranging from 100ml., 200 ml., 500 ml., 1000 ml. and bulk packs of 5 Liters. Company has ramped up its production base and supplied more than 2 million units of its hand sanitizers already. Dr. Morepen Hand Sanitizers are sold at Govt. fixed MRP of Rs. 100/- per 200 ml as per latest notifications.

Dr. Morepen Face mask (2-ply and 3-ply) are being offered in a pack of five (5) and fifty (50) masks according to the market need. Wearing face masks and maintaining social distance have become important and critical in almost every part of our country in the wake of prevailing Coronavirus disease. Wearing Face Mask has been made mandatory by the government in hotspots of every State. Govt has fixed MRP of common use face masks at Rs. 8/- and Rs. 10/- respectively for 2-ply and 3-ply masks and company is offering its products at the same price.

The quality products being supplied by the company are gaining major traction across all marketing segments including online channels like Flipkart and Amazon. All the aforesaid products are available in all the geographical locations and are also being supplied to both private and government bodies involved in combat of Coronavirus.

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