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Pizza Hut Launches Fun Wallpapers To Liven Up Video Chats

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Offers eleven pizza-themed backgrounds usable across video conferencing

Continuing its quest to make people see the brighter side of lockdown and social distancing, Pizza Hut has launched eleven vibrant pizza themed wallpapers to make video chats even more delightful and memorable. The wallpapers are freely downloadable from Pizza Hut’s Facebook page and can be used across several video conferencing platforms to mask boring walls and cluttered rooms. Pizza Hut is the first food brand in India to have designed and launched their own wallpapers, which are available In simple jpeg formats. 

Pizza Hut, through their ongoing #QualityTimeNotQuarantine campaign, has been urging people to be optimistic while staying at home and appreciate the extra time that they have got. The brand recently reinvented its logo to reinforce the practice of Social Distancing and inform consumers about its oven-to-doorstep contactless experience, which enables them to enjoy tasty and hygienic pizzas in the safety of their homes, as the food is delivered straight from the oven to the doorstep, without any hands touching it.

Pizza Hut has also been contributing to COVID-19 relief initiatives in India by providing quality and hygienic meals to medical and frontline staff at government hospitals across cities. The brand has added several WHO-recommended safety and hygiene measures to the existing Snapshot of few wallpapers by Pizza Hut stringent policies that it has always maintained, for ensuring the highest level of food safety, and the well-being of its customers and employees.

New Delhi, 20 th April 2020