Every Day Is Mother’s Honoring Mother Earth - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

#WeThePlanet organized a live broadcast to honor “Every Day is Mothers Day and Mother Earth” on this Mother’s Day. It took place on Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm IST, where extraordinary mothers and daughters (and a few good men) came together to restore their faith given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and negative effects of climate change in saving Mother Earth, at all costs without fear of favor. 

#WeThePlanet’s live broadcast paid gratitude to women and a couple of men who are world-renowned speakers, some iconic philanthropist and social entrepreneurs and even a former POTUS candidate, but most of all, mothers and daughters with a common thread that united all with open hearts and minds.

It was hosted by Kunal Sood and Laura Muranaka who are the co-founders of #WeThePlanet. Kunal is also the founder NOVUS, X Fellows and X Summit where collectively he is creating the network of networks and the summit of summits to curate a league of extraordinary leaders that will transform the world and create a better future. He had some globally acclaimed women like Susan Rockefeller, Jane Seymour, Marianne Williamson, Nancy Conrad, Oona Chaplin, Katie Flynn, Lakshmi Pratury, Yasmin Padamsee Forbes, and Dr. Anita Goel,  on board.

Lakshmi Pratury, an entrepreneur, curator, speaker, and founder of INK, shared how “a monk once told me that the biggest lesson one could learn is to let go and not own that idea or a person, they think is their own. He told me to think of it like my baby who just came through and now I neither own him or control him or even his destiny. In this time of global crises, we must wake up and see that Mother Earth just doesn’t belong to us, but to so many other living beings too and we must stop thinking otherwise. Whatever nature has to offer, we owe everything back to the planet”.

The discussion also witnessed Nancy Christiano, Malini Sood Horiuchi, Radha Parthsarathy, Nahema Mehta, Amber Nystrom, Rupa Sood, Salim Ismail, Lily Safrani, Raghava KK, Marya Ghazipura, Sarika Batra, Yashi Brown, and Anju Luhana.

Susan Rockefeller, an entrepreneur, conservationist, and filmmaker described how we must use this time to protect what is precious and work on “the three pillars of our life: family, art, and nature.” She went on to explain how by thriving to save and protect the three instead of suffering in pain, we could all get through the global epidemic that we have gotten ourselves into.

Kunal Sood conceived and created this event in the honor of his mother, Rupa Sood, who taught him that “the heroes' journey begins in the womb. Her love for humanity and open heart translates to how she raised her three children. So, thinking big and caring about the global community is what inspired me to create something larger than myself for the planet”.

This initiative raised awareness for Arianna Huffington’s #FirstRespondersFirst campaign celebrating the true bearers of our society, the frontline workers, who are working amidst a global pandemic.

The live broadcast was a reminder for us all to collectively take personal responsibility in changing our mindsets from ‘me’ to ‘we’ because our ways of living has only brought a global catastrophe given the current pandemic and climate change. So, we must not only revisit our own principles of living but also teach our kids who are our future to be more empathetic to our reason of existence, not just today, but every day. Leaving not just a better planet but extraordinary citizens for generations to come. 

13th May, New Delhi