Five Things To Keep In Mind When Buying An AC This Summer - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Curated by Panasonic India

From finding the right star rating, to cooling capacity to choosing the right tonnage, one needs to carefully plan before bringing home the right AC for your home. While it may need hours of research, we simplify it for you and make the selection process a breeze!

Keep in mind the below five points to bring home an air conditioner that checks all the boxes.

Cooling Technology: The size/capacity of the AC should be as per the size of your room. If the room size is normal to large, we recommend choosing an air conditioner that offers JetStream and aero-wings technology which ensures better cooling via its shower cooling effect i.e. wider and more spread out air throw.

Energy Efficiency & Inverter Technology:  It is no surprise that summer can burn our pockets deep with mounting power bills. Hence, an AC that consumes less power should be your top preference. You might have noted the stars on your appliances; these indicate energy efficiency the machine provides. Higher the stars mean higher energy efficiency and lesser electricity bill. For more savings, opt for Inverter technology AC that consumes one-third times less power in comparison to non-inverter ACs. While there is a premium attached to this but the money you spend today evens out in approximately two years through savings on your electricity bills. 

Durability: Look for an AC that offers lasting durabilityTo ensure durability and stable operations for long years, brands have started providing condensers and heat exchangers with anti-corrosive properties in the Air conditioners. Opt for ACs with ‘Shield blu’ coating that prevents leakage, doubles the life of the heat exchanger and protects the AC from water, air and corrosion with its hydrophilic properties. 

Future fit: Who doesn’t hate the midnight chills and looking for the remote to turn off the AC. No more with range of connected ACs. For enhanced comfort and ease of control opt for ACs that can seamlessly connect with your smartphone via AI enabled Apps with intelligent features such as the customized sleep mode, auto-diagnosis feature, e-warranty and voice assistants.

Air purification: Opt for ACs with AG clean filters and Nanoe technology as they inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, and removes dust to circulate fresher and cleaner air, even when the cooling function of the air conditioner is turned off. AG clean filters contain silver ions which has a powerful antibacterial effect leading to air purification. 

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