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Lark Helps MPTA Give India’s Rural Youth The Skills To Succeed

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For MPTA, an Indian education company working to provide On Job Training (OJT) to thousands of young Indians from rural populations, Lark’s scalability and ease-of-use has allowed the team to be agile, offer better opportunities to youths and scale programs across India.

Overview :
MPTA: Customer
Region: India
Industry: Education
Customer Size: 500+

Since inception in 2005, MPTA is focused on employability training and skill enhancement of the unemployed or underemployed youth.

The company is a Market Leader in providing "On the Job Training (OJT) and works with more
than 500 organizations across a variety of sectors. The program is instrumental in shaping the future of 10,000 students every year.

Summary :
As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has had to deal with incredibly rapid urbanization. 

This has led to millions of young people in rural areas not having the required skills to find work in a rapidly modernizing India.

MPTA works to give these youths the necessary skills by teaming up with hundreds of companies across India to provide vocational and OJT to over ten thousand youths.

The company is all about being lean, agile and collaborative, by creating a team that is more than the sum of its parts.

That’s where Lark comes in.

Challenge :
India is a big place and as such, a big challenge for MPTA is in managing hundreds of team members and thousands of students across 6 states in India, all with different languages and cultural backgrounds, facilitating the need for a robust communication platform.

With no unified system to manage mission critical tasks like attendance tracking and people movement, MPTA was resorting to a hodgepodge of third-party systems, making it difficult to keep on top of things.

Approvals was also an issue for MPTA as the lack of a unified system meant that approvals were normally done on paper, making it difficult for management to keep track of business needs.

Lark Advantage :
·   For MPTA, Lark’s robust messaging features meant that the team could stop using personal apps like WhatsApp for business communication.

·   Lark’s customizable attendance tracker allowed managers to keep track of staff straight from Lark’s mobile app, leading to smoother team management and employee happiness.

·   With Lark’s approval plug-in, MPTA leadership had the ability to handle all sorts of approvals from budget requests to leave, letting the company save hundreds of man hours that would have been needed to create and catalogue paper forms.

·   Lark also provided MPTA with market-leading customer support, ensuring that the company and its vast network of partners could quickly master Lark’s many features.

The switch to Lark had immediate and dramatic effects for MPTA, allowing the company to streamline its entire communication ecosystem into a single platform.

The use of personal apps such as WhatsApp for business communication stopped as the team
moved to Lark for better security.

The company even used Lark’s open platform tools to create their own modules such as Advance Approval, Employee Referral, Offer Letter Roll Out and more specifically for use with their

Overall, MPTA is heavily engaged with a variety of Lark’s features with around 90 percent of Lark accounts on MPTA considered as extremely active.