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iFFALCON Celebrates 2nd Anniversary In India: Lucrative Offers For Buyers

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The offer includes 2A LED Smart TV and K31 AI UHD LED Smart TV (43 inches and 55 inches), available at an appealing price of INR 15,999, INR 20,999 and INR 29,999, respectively

Leading television manufacturer iFFALCON, a part of TCL Electronics, is celebrating its second anniversary in India. As part of the 2-year celebration, the brand has launched two smart TV models: F2A LED Smart TV and K31 AI UHD LED Smart TV. While the former is available in 40 inches at INR 15,999, the latter comes in two sizes, 43 inches and 55 inches, at INR 20,999 and 29,999 respectively. The offer is already active and will be valid until May 31, 2020.


Powered by the latest version of Android Pie (9) and built-in Google Assistant, this smart device offers features like micro dimming technology, which adjusts the brightness and contrast individually, giving users immersive viewing experience. It also comes equipped with a Dolby decoder, which optimizes the TV’s sound quality and delivers unmatched output.

Another advanced feature the device offers is smart volume, which automatically detects the video content and accordingly adjusts the sound. All these features make this device an ultimate entertainment box for anyone who loves to binge-watch movies and TV series at home, now also comes with Amazon Prime update.


In addition to the aforementioned features, this monster offers more advanced features such as hands-free AI Voice Interaction, enabling users to operate the device with a simple voice command. It also has AI Dynamic Picture Adjustment feature, which leverages intelligent AI algorithm to adjust the display settings automatically, thus making the viewing experience more realistic and convenient, without any manual intervention.

It comes equipped with the latest version of Android TV – Android Pie (9), which ensures powerful performance, faster response, and seamless content viewing experience like never before.

New Delhi, May 27, 2020