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MagiQ Ventures - Delhi Based Start-Up Launches Queue Management Application To Help Businesses Maintain Social Distancing

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In order to avoid rush at business establishments and maintain social distancing, a Delhi based tech start-up, MagiQ Ventures has launched a unique Queue Management Application ‘MagiQ’. The application helps create a virtual queue (line) and allows customers to join the same. The application can be utilized by hospitals in outdoor patient management, banks, barbershops and salons, liquor stores, pharmacy, grocery stores and many other such places. The application is currently available for android users as well as for iOS users.

With the on going problem of COVID-19, the major problem being faced by any business establishment is managing unnecessary crowd at the shop. MagiQ application will act as a virtual assistant and help in managing the queue for the customers in order to maintain social distancing and serve them without putting anyone at risk.           

Once registered, business establishments can see the entire queue and change their speed or manage the queue by pausing the joining of additional customers for the day, Customers  see estimated time for their turn and can reach the venue accordingly.

MagiQ has been conceptualized by Mr. Krishan Sanghi a seasoned business manager, serial entrepreneur and management consultant and Mr. Akhil Gupta, Entrepreneurial-spirited, versatile technologist who has managed multitude of business complexities by strategical implementation of technology in a career spanning over 26 years. 

MagiQ is available for smartphones as well as web-application. Its usage has the following advantages. Allows customers to arrive only at the time of their turn, levels the peaks by spreading it over the day, reduces crowding on the streets in general, minimizes the need for utilities and services like parking, guards, and police, allows customers to maintain social distancing.

The MagiQ is a freely downloadable application. The company offers customized versions for businesses to improve utility to them.

New Delhi, 20th May, 2020


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