UBON Announces Diversification In PPE Products To Address The Shortage For Medical Staff And General Community - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Quality range of products including Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Infrared forehead thermometers for the maximum safety of frontline warriors and the general public from COVID-19 outspread

Considering the ample availability of quality PPE equipment, UBON is launching a wide variety of products in order to ensure maximum protection from COVID-19 dissemination. The inventory includes UBON M-85 mask, UBON M-75 Mask, Hand Sanitizer, UBON single-buttoned infrared forehead thermometer, and TOKSHU infrared forehead thermometer, from the house of UBON.

The masks come in two variants, M-85 and M-75. These masks ensure maximum breathability and '360-degree' protection. They are prepared from skin-friendly, synthetic material that ensures perfect fit as well. They are washable and reusable and come with a high-quality neckband which doesn't lose elasticity even after several uses.

The hand sanitizers are bottled in 3 different quantities, 500ml family pack, 200ml bottle, and 100ml easy-to - carry bottle. The alcohol content in the liquid is sufficient to kill 99.99% of germs. It also protects the skin from oxidative damage and helps prevent the itching. The liquid is non-sticky and smells good too.

Infrared thermometers have turned in to be a necessary tool as a temperature testing device. Due to contactless result delivery without placing them inside the mouth. UBON has launched two different variants for the promising result in no time. TOKSHU infrared thermometer, a UBON product comes with a clear LED screen, dual battery, data storage facility, with both ear and forehead temperature modes. It is easy to use with a promising delivery in one second. The other variant is UBON One-button infrared thermometer. It is a handy tool with a single-buttoned functioning and a big LED display. It covers various testing modes including the ear temperature mode, forehead temperature mode, room temperature mode, and the body temperature mode. It has a sleek built with good battery life. 

The new line-up of products is developed to eliminate any sort of market shortage and to serve the customers the utmost protection from the disease with the trust of UBON. Recently, UBON has also launched the protective face shield ensuring complete facial protection.