Top 5 Apps To Engage & Entertain Yourself While You Are At Home - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

As you know that the number of COVID cases in the country and the only preventive measure from getting infected includes self-isolation. This scenario has not only triggered the concern but has also resulted in a monotonous lifestyle. Thankfully, technology came into our rescue during these hard times. 

Make your smartphone an accessible tool for yourself where you can get entertained, engaged, and educate.

If you are running out of activities and have already baked and shaved, here are some apps that might keep you occupied for a little while longer.

1) Poker Saint - Play and arn 
With its exclusive instant cash-out feature, poker saint helps you to play games online and earn money at the same time.  Launched by Pacific Gaming, this game is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface. This gaming platform has been recognized by The Economic Times as the "most promising online gaming brand in India " for 2018.

2) Rooter - sports community platform
If you are an avid sports' lover who is unable to watch and play, can now enjoy their dearest game virtually. Rooter engages fans with User Generated Live Audio and Video content over different sports and offers a personalized sports feed consisting of videos, images, polls etc & Scorecards in 10 Indian languages covering Cricket, Football, and multiple other sports.

3) Udemy - learn digitally
Udemy an online learning platform that can help in broadening your skill and, you can look for a better and improved career prospect shortly. It is a website and app with a plethora of courses available on both platforms. This educational platform permits instructors to create their own courses and communicate users through online discussion boards. You can learn finance or accounting and, also can engage yourself in music learning

4) Audible - listen to your dearest books on smartphone
If you are looking for a perfect time to read your favorite book audible is the most favorable platform as now you can listen to your favorite book while eating, cooking, exercising, and washing dishes, you know things people do in lockdown. Audible is a utilitarian alternative as it has a library full of thousands of books and daily newspapers. 

5) Curefit- to make you fit 
Fitness centers will never be the same after COVID and fitness centers are yet to get operational. Curefit as incepted itself into a complete digital platform where you can sign in and attend live and celebrity fitness classes using your smartphone. The app requires users' camera access to calculate and generate the energy score meter.